Cheesy Baked Seafood Dishes You Need To Make This Weekend

Seafood has never been this cheesy, creamy, and so delicious!

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Seafood when cooked right is already pretty irresistible when presented at the table. Whether you adore tender but flaky fish or prefer your shellfish covered in a blanket of cheese, seafood dishes that are both creamy and cheesy are winners in anyone's book. 

We have good news if you're thinking of hanging out in the kitchen and trying to recreate some of your favorite seafood recipes. We have recos that you'll surely love!

These seafood dishes are loaded with cheese and cream to make your meal an irresistible one! Here are recipes to try to satisfy your cravings for all of these ingredients: 

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1 Baked Salmon Recipe ala Conti's 

We know you can't get enough of this well-loved dish so that's why it's a genius move to make it home instead. You can get the right size of salmon that you need and want and just make the cheesy and creamy sauce that you pour over it. This dish actually takes only an hour to make because it cooks so fast! 

Feel free to add more seasonings to the cheesy sauce if desired. 

Photo by Majoy Siason
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2 Baked Tahong with Garlic and Cheese Recipe

This is classic! You can't go wrong when you bake tahong with a creamy cheesy sauce. These shellfish need to be cooked first so you can open them up and expose the plump mussels inside. Only then can you add the creamy quick-melting cheese and bake them! Yum! 

Feel free to amp up the crunch with some crunchy garlic bits and a dollop or two more of cheese right before popping one of these into your mouth! 

Photo by Majoy Siason

3 Chunky Seafood Chowder Recipe

What you have to love about chowder is that it's chunky and super filling. When you make it with ingredients that are succulent and plump like tahong, halaan, shrimps, and other seafood, you just elevated the taste! To make it cheesy as well as creamy, top each bowl with a little grated cheese so that your spoon will get a bit of seafood, a bit of creamy soup, and a sliver of salty cheese. It's the perfect bite! 


Photo by Majoy Siason

4 Creamy Garlic Shrimp Fettuccine Recipe 

The thing with pasta is that it's always better when you add some cheese on top. It's just a natural thing to do when it comes to pasta! This creamy shrimp pasta is made extra delicious and creamy from the creamy sauce that's infused with the shrimp. Give it a generous shake of cheese before serving! 

Photo by Roselle Miranda

5 Baked Sushi Recipe 

The original baked sushi recipe is a gloriously decadent one. The creaminess is thanks to two kinds of dairy in it. First, there's the cream cheese that's mixed with the flaked salmon and then there's the creamy Japanese mayonnaise that zigzags across the top of the sushi before it's heated through. These two creamy ingredients take this seafood dish over the top. No wonder it was such a hit during the pandemic! 

Photo by Patrick Martires

6 Creamy, Cheesy Seafood Rice Bake Recipe

Rice is life for many of us, so when you make a dish that's loaded with rice and topped with seafood covered in a creamy, cheesy topping, we can't imagine saying "no" to it. When you bake it until the cheese is melted and gooey that it stretches with every spoonful, it's game over! What's not to love? 


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