Harry Potter's Butterbeer + More: We Have These Recipes!

These recipes will help you relive your favorite stories.

Have you ever found yourself hungry after a great book or movie? Those otherworldly treats don't have to stay on a screen or a page, though. We're here to help to make those mouth-watering dreams a reality. Check out these recipes from your favorite books and movies: 



1 Harry Potter’s Butterbeer Float
Step into the magical world of Harry Potter, one mug of Butterbeer at a time. You may not have gotten into Hogwarts, but at least this butterscotch drink will comfort you.


Harry Potter fans, you can make butterbeer at home!

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Harry Potter fans, here's an easy hack for homemade butterbeer!



2 Kung-Fu Panda’s Beef and Noodle Soup
Po’s love for noodles rivals his love for his call as the chosen one. For Po, this noodle soup—
with the delicious rich beefy broth, the filling smooth noodles, and the meaty dumpling—
tastes like love and home. There’s just no resisting love and home, right? 



Turn to noodle soups when you want something comforting and delicious.



3 Ratatouille’s Veggie Dish 
Don’t let the fancy French pronunciation fool you, ratatouille, as pointed out by Ratatouille (2007), is a poor man’s dish. This means that it’s super pretty and delicious, but actually really easy and affordable to make. 


This classic French dish makes use of different kinds of vegetables.





4 Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham

We hope you try these green eggs and ham, because “They are so good, so good, you see.” If you’ve read the book, you might have started asking, “why does Sam love green eggs and ham so much?” Now, you can find out for yourself.



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Recipes by Zee Castro-Talampas. Recipes were published in the October 2016 issue of Yummy magazine. 

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