Recipes To Make And Use All Your All-Purpose Cream

These recipes are perfect if you have leftover all-purpose cream.

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Have you ever used just a portion of a pack of all-purpose cream? It's a common thing to do when you need less than the entire pack of any ingredient. In this case, you might have a pack of cream that is just waiting for you to use up in your refrigerator. 

If that's the case, here are ways to use up any leftover all-purpose cream in delicious dishes that use less than 1 cup of all-purpose cream: 

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1 Turn tomatoes into an easy creamy soup. 

Anyone who enjoys a tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich will adore how easy it is to make from scratch at home. The grilled cheese is an easy and delicious pairing but the tomato soup is more tricky to master. The balance of tangy, savory, and umami is critical in creating a delicious spoonful. The good news is that a little all-purpose cream can easily temper those flavors and help marry them to do just that. 

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2 Make muffins for merienda. 

The thing with muffins that make them easy for baking beginners and overall attractive to make is the lack of frosting. It's a no-fuss baking project that you can immediately consume while still warm! This muffin is extra irresistible because it's not just a plain muffin but one that has tuna, corn, and cheese. The cream ensures this muffin is moist and tender. 

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3 Make easy spreads for bread. 

Making palaman for bread usually calls for mayonnaise so that it's easy to smear on. It's a great ingredient for making savory palaman. However, if your sweet tooth is aching and you want a snack or breakfast that will satisfy it, you can turn to fruits, cream cheese, and a little sweet syrup to start your day. Cream cheese on its own can be a little heavy so make it even more spreadable, stir in some of that leftover all-purpose cream to lighten it up. Since the cream cheese isn't seasoned with salt or sugar, it's the ideal spread to keep on hand to use for savory snacks later, too! 

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4 Make a sauce for fried chicken.

You'd be amazed what a difference a little all-purpose cream can do for your dish! In this recipe, it's the unifying ingredient that creates a sauce that won't break and mellows the tartness of the calamansi with the rest of the ingredients. The result is an easy-fried chicken with a sauce that's made in the same pan you fried the chicken in. How's that for easy clean-up? 

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5 Make bread pudding. 

The mixture to create a delicious and creamy custard usually starts with stale bread. If you have any stored in your refrigerator from the holidays, now is the time to make some bread pudding that's made extra creamy and delicious with all-purpose cream. The cream will make your custard extra silky and tender, especially when it's soaked into the depths of the bread (or ensaymada!) slices. 

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6 Make pork chops with creamy gravy. 

Did you make some fried pork chops? If you did, you're probably going to want to make a gravy to serve with it. Here's where that leftover all-purpose will really shine: you can make a cream gravy using the drippings in the pan! It's easy to make especially if you seasoned the pork chops well. That's all you need to start the gravy plus a little flour from the seasoned flour you used to coat the pork chops, the leftover cream, and a little water to make sure it's the right consistency.

You do the same thing with fried chicken! 

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7 Make a decadent dessert bar.

We know that many of us use all-purpose cream for no-bake desserts so why not make something truly decadent? If you have graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, and a little butter plus the leftover all-purpose cream to turn the chocolate into a ganache, you can make these bars in 20 minutes. The hardest part is waiting for these to set before cutting yourself a square and taking a bite! 

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