Delicious Ways To Enjoy Ham

That Christmas ham can be the start of a delicious meal.

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Do you still have a chunk of Christmas ham in your refrigerator? If you do, you might be having some trouble looking for ways to use up that hunk of ham. 

Dont' worry! We have ideas on how to make delicious leftover ham recipes that will make you wish you had more ham to make some more. Here are some suggestions on how to use ham slices in your everyday cooking: 

  • 1 Use ham as a bacon substitute for soup recipes.  
  • 2 Chop ham finely and add to ground meat recipes.  
  • 3 Use ham in sandwiches. 
  • 4 Add ham to eggs. 
  • 5 Toss ham with pasta. 
  • 6 Stuff ham into chicken. 

If these ideas appeal to you, then here are recipes to make: 

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1 Ham and Egg Breakfast Cups Recipe

Do you know the story of "Green Eggs and Ham"? That story is the inspiration for these delicious little cups! The "green" is pesto and this can be the egg dish that makes you want to add it onto your eggs every morning, just like that pesto eggs Tik Tok trend earlier this year. 

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2 Ham and Cheese Sticks Recipe 

Christmas ham has a distinct taste that is super delicious, especially when it's paired with cheese. This is what makes these sandwich dippers fun to eat and kid-friendly. You can also just serve these cut into triangles, keep them as whole sandwiches, or use crepes instead of bread and roll them up into fun rounds! 

Photo by Gabby Cantero

3 Ham and Asparagus Strata Recipe

If you're into big batch cooking, this is a great recipe to try for the weekend mornings. This makes a savory baked French toast with its layers of cheese, asparagus, eggs, ham, and of course some crusty bread to soak up all that cream. 

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4 Ham and Corn Croquettes Recipe

Potatoes and ham are classic pairings so if you have mashed poatoes or any cooked potatoes that are also leftovers from the weekend, you can totally make this appetizer or snack. The ham gives this fried potato logs a savory-sweetness, so it's a delicious surprise when you get little bursts of sweet corn flavor when you bite into a kernel. 

You can even skip the breading and make potato pancakes instead! 

Photo by Kai Huang

5 Ham and Potato Salad Recipe

Potato salad is not just for holidays and picnics. What makes this potato salad super delicious are the slivers of the Christmas ham that gives the tangy potato salad dressing a burst of savory and sweetness. Add some leftover roast chicken chunks in there, too, to make it even more meaty. 


6 Pesto, Parmesan, and Ham Knots Recipe 

Got time on your hands? If you do and you love bread, these would make excellent breakfast bread! These are knotted with cheese, ham, and pesto inside the bread itself instead of being simply tucked into the folds. This results in fluffy homemade bread that has ham, cheese, and pesto in every bite! 

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Leftover ham can be the secret ingredient to dishes that you're making! These recipes are just ideas but we have more ways of using leftover ham if you read on: 


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