5 Ways To Cook With Longganisang Lucban

Make use of the delicious flavor of the garlicky longganisa of Lucban to make these appetizing dishes.

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Longganisang Lucban are intensely garlicky fresh sausages which originated from Lucban, Quezon. While it’s great served fried to a crisp together with a salted egg and tomato salsa, sinangag, and a sunny side-up egg, this is not the only way to enjoy these savory links.


Here are five other ways to enjoy the flavors of the beloved longganisa in new and exciting dishes to serve to family and friends:




Spaghetti with Longganisa, Olives, and Capers

Pasta is always a filling meal. This version uses your favorite longganisa as a seasoning to an already flavorful meal with more of its salty, garlic taste. Plus, the salty and sour tang from the olives, capers, and the tomatoes are the perfect complement to the garlicky longganisa from Lucban.


What's the secret to fast yet flavorful pasta? Swap regular ground pork with your favorite longganisa. With its robust flavor, you'll have a delicious dish in minutes.




Longganisa Ramen 

Yes! Upgrade your usual late night ramen into this breakfast-inspired noodle dish that uses longganisa as its main meat. For a change, switch the Vigan used in this recipe for Lucban! It will be just as tasty. Then top it off with a runny egg, so you can feel that it's for breakfast, no matter what the time you dig into this bowl. 


Usher in a new day with your favorite longganisa nestled on firm Japanese ramen noodles and topped with a perfectly fried egg. Yum!




Cheesy Sausage and Vegetable Lasagna 

Swap out the ground beef for Lucban's garlicky longganisa cooked without its casings, and you'll have an even more appetizing filling to use in your lasagna. Imagine layers of tasty longganisa between layers of pasta sheets and gooey cheese should have anyone running for the dinner table for a taste. 


Add a Filipino twist by replacing the pork sausages with garlicky longganisa and adding a sprinkling of queso de bola.




Lucban Longganisa Eggs Benedict

Breakfast will always feel like the natural time to serve longganisa, so it's fitting that a morning dish such as Eggs Benedict would have a version that uses the flavor-packed sausage as its meat component. For this version, the cooked longganisa is sliced in half lengthwise so it can fit onto the pandesal before it's topped off with the remaining ingredients. Decadent and tasty!


Whip up this dish this weekend for a yummy, hearty breakfast!




Creamy Shrimp and Longganisa Pasta 

Shrimp and longganisa are not always paired together, but for this particular dish, you'll want to set aside any judgment and put these two delicious ingredients together. The sauce simmers with the pasta, longganisa, and the sugpo before cream is added to marry the flavors all together into a mouth-watering pasta dish that's incredibly luscious. 


Toss shrimp and sausage into pasta for a no-fuss weeknight dinner recipe.


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