Here Are All The Milo Recipes You Need To Satisfy Your Cravings

Revisit your childhood with each delicious recipe.

If your childhood included Milo, a chocolate malt powdered milk, you might remember it as something you drink to wake up in the morning, have for merienda, or gave you a sense of momentary happiness before dinner was served. 


If you're missing the delicious and unique flavor of the chocolate malt drink of your youth, here are 5 reasons you don't need to: 



1 Milo Sheet Cake 

It's no secret but this one-layer cake is one of the best reasons to have cake. That's because it's full of Milo, topped with cream frosting, and then sprinkled with more Milo powder. How can you resist? 


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If you love the powdered chocolate as a drink, imagine how much you'll love this incredibly moist and flavorful cake made with it.

Dig into this easy-to-make chocolate sheet cake!




2 Milo Chocolate Brittle 

Remember when you used to eat Milo by the spoonful because it was as good in powder form as it was in liquid form? Now, you can have these brownie brittle cookies using Milo powder so you don't have to eat it by the spoonful. 


Use chocolate milk powder to make this sweet snack!



3 Milo Popsicle 

When the days turn too warm, a popsicle is a great snack to cool off with. Why not make the popsicle exactly the same as the energizing drink you would normally consume? So this recipe celebrates those days when it's too hot to do more than lick. 


Turn your fave chocolate drink into a fun icy treat.




4 No-Bake Frozen Cheesecake With Milo Fudge

There is no reason you can't have more Milo in your desserts! This cheesecake recipe not only uses the Milo powder in the hot fudge that's drizzled on the cheesecakes, it's also stirred right into the crust, too. That's a deep dark Milo chocolate fudge on top of a creamy cheese layer on top of a Milo chocolate crust. Now that's decadence in a tiny cupcake-sized package. 


Top them with chocolate fudge!



5 Milo Pastillas 

The Milo chocolate malt powder is just as delicious as is as it is mixed into other ingredients. Pastillas, the creamy, milky candy that many Pinoys love, is made even better and more delicious when mixed with Milo. It's also rolled in a Milo-sugar coating so no matter how small a bite you take, you'll have a taste of the Milo powder no matter what. 

You can use the local chocolate drink to add flavor to the well-loved pastillas.





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These chocolate malt nuggets bring you back to your childhood!

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These are your favorite Filipino childhood treats, revisited.



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