6 New Ways to Use Pork and Beans

Make your canned pork and beans go a long way with these recipes!

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Pork and beans used to be a quick fix for picky eaters. It's easy-to-prep, sweet, and satisfying. But there are actually so many ways to incorporate pork and beans into whole new, exciting dishes. Here's how you can transform the simple canned good of your childhood: 


1 Pork Sausage Bean Stew Recipe

Ever felt that the normal pork and beans just needed more meat? Add more heft by adding chunks of pork sausage. This meaty addition will guarantee a more filling meal. 


Combine a package of sausages, a can of pork and beans, and a few vegetables you might have on hand to make this quick, hearty stew.



2 Pork and Beans Burger Recipe

Add the unique texture and the sweety tang of pork and beans when you add some to your burgers.


Here's a recipe for the easiest burger ever!


3 Alubias Con Carne de Cerdo y Chorizo (Beans with Pork and Chorizo) Recipe

Pork and beans can be fancy, too. Surprisingly, this bean stew is actually super easy to put together. 


Here's a quick Spanish-inspired dish for those lazy days.



4 Cassoulet Recipe

Slow-cooked chicken thighs, beans, and spices make for a delicious, hearty, homey dish.


Cassoulet is a slow-cooked casserole that typically consists of pork, duck, sausage, and white beans.



5 Pork and Bean Lettuce Cups Recipe

Crunchy, fresh, and easy to eat, this pork and beans recipe hits all the right spots.


This is a twist on your favorite pork and beans dish!


6 Pork and Pata Beans recipe

Yes, pork and beans belong on your special family Sunday dinner spread. Thanks to pork and beans' unique taste and texture, it’s such a versatile ingredient that goes with a lot of recipes.



This Pinoy stew has comfort food written all over it.


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