These Are The Dishes You Can Cook With Sprite

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It's not often you see people pouring soda or softdrinks into a dish. There are a few exceptions to this rule and some of them are hacks so you don't have to use other ingredients. However, a clear lemon-lime soda like Sprite or 7-Up can do more than just be a substitute ingredient.  

This lemon-lime soda is not just delicious with its flavor combo of sweetness and tang, but it also ensures that the meat in the dish is tender as well as tasty. Cola, the dark cousin of the lemon soda, is also used in recipes where its unique taste is also a delicious addition to the dish. However, the lemon flavor is much more subtle when used as a flavoring. Instead, it's the properties of the citric acid in lemon soda that are actually more helpful. 

Here are recipes you can try using Sprite in a recipe for more than just its flavor: 

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1 Filipino Pork Barbecue Recipe 

This is the classic recipe that uses soda! If there was a sure time to use soda, it has to be in the Pinoy pork barbecue recipe. This recipe not only uses lemon-lime soda but also uses calamansi juice to ensure that the pork you eat is super delicious as well as tender when it leaves the grill. Enjoy the classic version as well as a spicy version that amps up the irresistibility of this well-loved party food. 


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2 Chicken in Sprite Recipe

In this recipe, a whole chicken is simmered in a sweet and savory lemony sauce in a pot, courtesy of Sprite, a whole lemon, and lemongrass. This ensures that the chicken cooks in the sauce, infusing the chicken as it simmered while giving it a burst of lemon flavor that you will adore. 


Plus, using a whole chicken can feed your entire family in one easy step! 

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3 Chicken and Soda Casserole Recipe 

A simple but delicious chicken dish can be made with simple ingredients, too. This recipe uses readily available ingredients that most kitchens would have plus a few additions that aren't so common to give this dish a tasty but surprising flavor. The Sprite is one and the other is the dried marjoram. No marjoram? Use dried oregano but use less. 


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4 Shrimps in Sprite Recipe 

It's not just meat that Sprite makes delicious! This recipe using shrimp proves that the sweetness and lemon taste of the soda is extra delicious too when used with seafood. This easy and simple recipe takes just four ingredients and takes just 15 minutes to cook. It takes longer to prepare the shrimp than to cook it! Try it served with rice or tossed with pasta! 


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5 Sprite Pork Adobo Recipe

There are few things you need to do to adobo to make it tasty. The original adobo recipe has no rival! However, once in a while you do want to have something different in the taste despite your craving for a classic adobo dish.


One of the things you can do is simmer the meat, pork in this case, in Sprite. The soda does exactly what it normally does with meat: tenderizes it while flavoring it with its subtle lemon sweet taste. The resulting dish is a dish we like to think is worthy of being on the list of favorite adobo recipes. 

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6 Chicken Inasal Recipe 

Filipinos love the sweet taste in their dishes. That's why it's not surprising to find it used in other recipes. Just like the pork barbecue benefits using the soda in the marinade, so does the chicken in this similarly well-loved chicken barbecue recipe from Bacolod. 

7 Hawaiian Baby Back Ribs Recipe 

Succulent tender ribs can be achieved without any special tricks but why leave it to chance when you can ensure it? To do that, you can tenderize the pork ribs before even placing it on the grill by boiling it or using ingredients that will help tenderize it. The Sprite in this recipe not only tenderizing but also boosts the flavor of the Hawaiian flavors. Don't forget to serve it with the recommended side dishes!



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