All The Chicken Recipes You Need This Christmas

Your holiday food will be even more appetizing when you serve chicken.

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Chicken is not only a great choice when it comes to everyday dishes, but it also a great choice for the holidays. It's all about the way you treat your chicken. When you cook chicken for your daily meals, you may not always have the time or the care to make sure that it's as perfect as it can be. When it's for a celebratory event, you make the time to do it right.  

When you cook chicken right, it can be among the best meals of your life. Your holiday food will be even more appetizing when you make recipes that feature a great chicken dish. 

Roast Chicken Recipes 

If you want a centerpiece to impress family and guests, a roast chicken is the dish that is not only stunning but is and can be easy to make. Here are recipes to try:  

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1 Chicken Galantina Recipe  

We have tips so you can make this festive dish that is easier for you to make at home. The best advice we can give you to make this doable at home without stressing you out is to request your butcher to debone your chicken. Then it's just a matter of preparing it at home.   

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2 Lechon Manok Recipe with Sisig Rice 

Lechon manok is the chicken version of the pork that we love to roast over red hot charcoal. The marinade is key to making this, and this includes calamansi juice, patis or fish sauce, garlic, and tanglad or lemongrass stuffed into the cavity along with the homemade sisig rice.  

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3 Garlic Roast Chicken Recipe 

This roast chicken recipe delivers a super garlicky, butter-basted chicken. This is an easy recipe that is loaded with buttery garlic flavor that will infuse the chicken meat inside and out. 

If you have an oven with a rotating spit or rotisserie, you're in luck. This handy feature of your oven will result in chicken that is more evenly cooked than if you just placed it in a baking dish. The continuous rotation of the spit is the key to this perfection. All you have to do is skewer the whole chicken with the spit, secure it by trussing it on the spit, and placing the drip tray or a baking pan under the chicken so any juices are collected. 

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4 Roasted Achiote Chicken Recipe   

Achiote, atsuete, or annatto is responsible for the golden orange hue of this roast chicken recipe. However, that's not the only ingredient that makes this roast chicken so delicious. This Mexican-inspired chicken is packed with many ingredients that contribute to the overall flavor that you will taste. You'll taste notes of tangy, citrus flavors as well as garlic, herbs, and spices. If you love tasting complex flavors in your food, you might be delighted with what this roasted chicken has to offer.  

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Fried Chicken Recipes 

There are few chicken recipes that will be an instant hit than fried chicken. Let these fried chicken recipes be your guide on what you can prepare with a little more time and care this holiday. 

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5 Southern-Style Fried Chicken Recipe 

When it comes to fried chicken, you can't go wrong with a recipe that takes its inspiration from the classic version. The southern states of America are said to be the birthplace of the fried chicken, but wherever it originated, it's unanimous that fried chicken is an institute of itself with a massive following.

If you want a taste of the classic way these chickens were deep-fried, a Southern-style fried chicken is what you need to try if you haven't yet.     

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6 Chinese Fried Chicken Recipe 

This fried chicken that is steamed before being deep-fried is the Chinese way of cooking the chicken. Similar to the way Pinoy's love their chicken, this has a crispy skin that's free of any coating. 

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7 Pinoy-style Fried Chicken Recipe

Also known as a resto favorite, this version of the fried chicken is free of any coating or breading. When it's fried, the chicken skin has the chance to become super crispy. It's not a complete experience if you don't serve it with the requisite banana ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and kamote fries. 


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8 Korean Fried Chicken Recipe 

The Korean fried chicken took the country (and the world) by storm a few years ago. Was it because of the double fry cooking method that ensured that the chicken is super crispy or the sweet soy sauce glaze that each piece was coated with? Whichever of these characteristics made this fried chicken an instant favorite that you might want at your table.    


Saucy and Creamy Chicken Recipes 

A chicken free of any sauce is not always the dish you want. If you want a sauce to accompany your chicken dish, one that's not a gravy, then these recipes should satisfy that desire. 

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9 Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce Recipe 

Making a chicken and mushroom recipe is a classic combination that will lure anyone who loves creamy chicken recipes. While the mushroom sauce might be enough, remember you can do other things to the chicken to make it more appetizing.


You can season the chicken with more than just salt and pepper, such as herbs and spices that will make it more flavorful with or without the sauce. You can also grill the chicken instead of simply frying the chicken for more flavor, too.

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10 Easy Chicken Pastel Recipe 

This creamy boneless chicken dish is a combination of a creamy sauce loaded with chunks of chicken, chorizo, whole mushrooms, potatoes, and carrots. If you can get your hands on a can of water chestnuts to deliver a crunch to the dish even when cooked, add it in, too, for a classic version. 


Feel free to top this creamy stew with a pie crust for that instant festive flair that elevates it from an ordinary party dish to one that's truly one to have a celebration for.  



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