These Recipes Use Only Chicken Leg Quarters

This chicken part stays wonderfully moist and tender.

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If you always find yourself eating the leg and thigh and leaving the breast alone on a whole chicken, you must be a fan of the chicken leg quarter. This part of the chicken is composed of the leg, the thigh, and the hip bone that connects the leg quarter to the rest of the chicken body. 

This part of the chicken stays wonderfully moist and tender compared to the chicken breast part. That's because this cut is the part of the chicken that gets a workout. It's considered "dark meat" because it's the part of the chicken which also gets the most blood pumping through it, unlike the breast which doesn't. This is also the reason why it's tastier than the breast meat. 

If you love chicken leg quarters, here are recipes that make this chicken part super delicious: 

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1 Grilled Chicken with Pineapple Barbecue Sauce Recipe 

Grilling chicken is one of the best ways of taking advantage of the chicken leg quarter. Grilling is where the chicken leg quarter shines and becomes the star of the table. This cooking method involves high heat and moist chicken is what emerges if you cook chicken right, more so if you use the chicken leg quarter. Best of all, the grilled chicken is paired with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce that ensures that it's delicious. 

You can opt to swap the sweet pineapple barbecue sauce with a local vinegar instead if sweet is not to your taste.   

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Photo by Mark Jesalva

2 Kapampangan Chicken Asado Recipe 

A chicken asado is a delicious sweetened tomato barbecue sauce. For those who come from Pampanga, it's made even more delicious and irresistible because it uses fresh tomatoes in its version. Fresh tomatoes deliver a taste that's cleaner, more tomato-forward in its taste that you just don't get from using tomato sauce.     

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3 Ginger Soy Roasted Chicken Recipe 

Ginger and soy sauce is one of the simpler flavor combinations in Chinese cuisine. The sharp peppery taste of the ginger is a direct contrast to the salty umami of the soy sauce. It's this flavor difference that makes the combination so irresistible! Used as the marinade for this chicken recipe, it results in a delicious and flavor-packed chicken meal. 

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4 Steamed Chicken Leg Quarters Recipe  

The steamed chicken is actually not the star of this meal. Instead, it's the pechay rolls that will make this chicken made two ways so appetizing. The rolls hide a delicious mix of chopped mushroom and chicken breast meat, so what you're getting on one plate is a bite of each part of the chicken. This is one way of making sure that the whole chicken is used in the recipe! 

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5 Caribbean Grilled Chicken Recipe 

Grilling the chicken leg quarter is just the start of the flavor bomb that this recipe has in store for you. It's grilled in a delicious marinade made with pineapples and spices, but then it's also topped with more pineapple in the form of a salsa. That's the way to making a complete meal that is sure to whet your appetite.  

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6 Chicken Pyanggang (Chicken in Blackened Coconut Curry) Recipe

Don't be fooled by the color! The color is intentional because the black hue of this curry is from the burnt coconut. The burnt coconut gives this southern regional dish it's signature color and taste that is unlike any other curry you may taste. 

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7 Lemon-Lime Soda Chicken Recipe

This chicken in Sprite is super delicious! You may already know that this lemon-lime soda is an ingredient in the Pinoy-style pork barbecue but that's not the only way to use in your cooking. Use it as an ingredient for more than its tenderizing properties such as in this recipe. 

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