Here’s How To Upgrade A Meal With Chicken Nuggets

These frozen squares of chicken are delicious with other ingredients, too.

You can be doing more with your frozen pack of chicken nuggets than just serving these immediately after frying. If you're getting tired of the same meal every time you fry chicken nuggets, you need to learn about these chicken nugget hacks to make it more than just bite-sized crispy chicken: 

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1 Make homemade chicken nuggets. 

Did you know that chicken nuggets are basically chicken that has been ground up, seasoned, and formed into fun shapes before being breaded, lightly fried, and frozen in packs? You can make it easier on yourself if you can't find any more packs in the frozen food section by making your own, simpler version of these nuggets. 

All you need are these ingredients: chicken fillets, salt, pepper, and flour. If you have other seasonings you want to add or want it super crispy with breadcrumbs, you can add that, too, to the mix.

Here are easy homemade chicken nugget recipes you can try:      

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2 Serve chicken nuggets with different sauces. 

Now that you have your nuggets, you need something to dip it into. Even at the fast food places, chicken nuggets are served with your choice of sauce. Be it barbecue sauce or just plain tomato ketchup, these nuggets need a sauce to make it taste different. You're going to need to raid your kitchen for some ingredients but we have these three ideas for sauces that might change the chicken nugget meals you have been having: curry sauce, a fruity barbecue sauce, and mayo sauce that's a combination of spicy and warm flavors.

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3 Serve chicken nuggets like chicken fillets.

If you're running out of meal ideas using chicken nuggets, it's time to think of these chicken nuggets as what they actually are: chicken fillets. These are substantially smaller cuts for sure, but it shouldn't detract you from using these as you would breaded chicken pieces. 

Do you have ingredients for a pasta sauce? Then, maybe you'd like to use these breaded chicken like these breaded chicken fillets. Just dump a can of diced tomatoes into a baking dish, season with salt, pepper, and maybe some dried Italian seasoning for some herb flavor, and top with the chicken nuggets. Add cheese and then just use the oven to melt it.  

No oven? Use a pan instead then place it on the stovetop. Cover with a lid and let the heat from the simmering tomatoes melt the cheese.   

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4 Make chicken nugget burgers with pandesal

Did you know that "sliders" are not really tiny mini burgers? That's not how it got its name. "Sliders" is allegedly the word used by U.S. Navy crewman in the 1940s for the small burgers that were so greasy, they would "slide" right down. That's no longer the case for the "slider" we make now as these really are small burgers.

Pandesal make fantastic mini burgers! Since they're already small in size, a nugget or two is a perfect fit! You just need to tuck in a few other ingredients to make it tasty such as some vegetables and a sauce that you like. 

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5 Make chicken nuggets and pancakes!

Chicken and waffles are a classic sweet and savory brunch combination. However, not everyone has a waffle iron. In fact, a select few have a waffle iron at home! If you're lucky enough to have a waffle iron, you can make these easy buttermilk waffles recipe and serve it with some chicken nuggets on the side. If not, grab a nonstick frying pan and make a stack from that boxed pancake mix instead or follow along to this pancake video.

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6 Chop and add chicken nuggets to salads. 

Chicken is one of the favorite toppings for salads together with bacon bits and croutons. Grilled chicken that's been chopped into chunks are the preferred topping. However, if you don't have a grill and just have a bag of frozen chicken nuggets on hand, it's a fantastic substitute that instantly makes any salad heartier, more filling and satisfying. 

Chop up some chicken nuggets and then you may want to toss them with the salad dressing of your choice to amp up the flavor of the salad you're going to be enjoying.     


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