Here Are All The Coffee-Inspired Dishes You Will Want To Make

Get ready to fall in love with more than just coffee!

Coffee is a fantastic ingredient that not only enhances the flavor of chocolate, but also makes other ingredients taste fantastic, too.  

Here are recipes that you can make that makes coffee an essential ingredient:

Photo by Majoy Siason

1 Coffee Crunch Cake Loaves Recipe 

Coffee cakes are traditionally not made with actual coffee. Coffee cakes are meant to be eaten with coffee but in this case, we think there’s no reason why the cake can’t have coffee added to the batter, too! These coffee mini loaves are incredibly irresistible! It is not only a delicious and moist coffee-flavored cake but it also has a fantastic crunchy topping that will make this a favorite. You can even make cupcakes with a crumb topping, too.  

Photo by Majoy Siason

2 Easy Coffee Jelly Recipe 

What is it about jelly that makes you fall in love with it? If it were flavored with coffee like these cubed jellies are, we’re sure that’s your answer! These cubes are loaded with coffee and it doesn’t end there. Even the cream that’s these coffee jelly cubes are stirred into have a touch of coffee flavor, too. Want a different flavor with your coffee jelly? Why no try this making this mocha coffee jelly recipe version of this?  

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

3 Coffee Banana Bread Recipe 

This banana bread recipe is exactly what happens when you’re dreaming about coffee while making banana bread. You mix coffee into the batter, and the resulting moist banana bread are an awesome combination of flavors that will wow you with every slice. 

Photo by Riell Santos

4 Coffee Leche Flan Recipe 

Leche flan is an all-time favorite Pinoy dessert. Why not add a refreshing change to this classic dessert by flavoring the flan with coffee? It’s a natural pairing! The custard is sweet, milky, and creamy, just like what coffee likes being paired with.  


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Photo by Lilen Uy

5 Short Ribs with Coffee Rub Recipe 

Who said that coffee can only be made into dessert? Coffee is a fabulous ingredient for savory recipes, too! Warm spices and the umami that are rubbed into these ribs complement each other to deliver a main dish that’s bone-licking good. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

6 Espresso Brownies Recipe 

Chocolate and coffee are naturally complementary flavors. That’s why when it comes to chocolate dessert recipe, you’ll find many of its ingredient lists ask for coffee to enhance its flavor. However, coffee lovers will adore this brownie recipe because not only does it have coffee, it has more coffee in it than your usual brownie has, giving it its signature flavor that’s enhanced, this time, by the chocolate.    

Photo by Jun Pinzon

7 Coffee Prawn Salad Recipe 

Did you know that prawns or shrimps are delicious when tossed in a warm salad? They are and this particular salad, the warm shrimps and veggies are tossed in salad dressing that’s got coffee in it. You need to try this unique salad! 

Photo by Jun Pinzon

8 Coffee Roast Beef Recipe 

Beef and coffee may not sound like a great pairing but in this instance, the coffee adds a depth of flavor that is unlike any other ingredient that you can add to beef. Since the beef in this recipe is so robust in flavor, you’ll have a hard time trying to decide if you want to spoon on more sauce just to complement the beef and mashed potatoes or need more gravy to slurp up with the bites of beef because it’s just that good. 

Coffee can be more than just your morning brew! We’ve already done the experiments with these recipes and with your help, you can justify your love for coffee in recipes that are not just dessert. 


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