This Is How You Make A Dish Better With Hotdogs

It's a tender, juicy, and delicious ingredient, too.

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Everybody needs to eat, so knowing how to cook at home can be one of the best skills you can learn. Cooking is all about knowing your ingredients, inside and out, and what to combine it with to make something delicious. It's a rewarding task as well as a satisfying one.  

If you ever find yourself stumped as to what to serve for dinner, sometimes you just need to think simpler to make your life easier. That's because easy recipes can be delicious recipes, too. 

Even hotdogs can be made more delicious! Automatically incredibly tender and juicy, you can add this meaty log into a meal to make it better, meatier. Here are five ways to use hotdogs in recipes:  

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1 Coat hotdogs in pancake batter. 

Did you know that you do not need to cook the hotdogs in those frozen packs you get at the supermarket? In fact, it's already cooked. Even if all you do is gently heat it up in the microwave until it's heated through or even boil it a few minutes, that's good enough. Frying the hotdogs is really a preference that was ingrained in us to do since heating it up tastes so much better than a cold one. 

Take the corn dog recipe as an example. If your oil is too hot and browns the outside before the inside is even heated through, that's okay. Remember. The hot dog is already cooked. However, if you are wary about eating a hot dog that isn't heated through, you can cook the hot dogs first in either water or in oil before skewering it on the barbecue sticks. 

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No cornmeal? That's okay! Use pancake mix and add just enough water so that it's thick enough can stick and coat the hot dogs. Then just dip it in the batter, dunk in the hot oil, and you've got an easy and fun way to eat a hot dog. If you've got a hot dog waffle iron, it's even easier!  

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Mar 14, 2017


2 Add hotdogs to eggs. 

Omelets are one of the first dishes you probably make. Basically, it's just a scrambled egg that has other ingredients added to it. It can be boring but that is where the other ingredients come in, creating a torta recipe. You can add different kinds of meat in there, including corned beef, sardines, or chunks of hot dogs! 

Here's what you do: In a bowl, crack eggs and beat it. Heat a nonstick frying pan over medium heat and add a little oil. Swirl to lightly coat the bottom. Pour in the eggs and lightly season with salt and ground black pepper. Place the chopped hot dogs onto the eggs and let it cook until the bottom is set. Flip. Cook it for another minute or two and it's done! Easy!  

You can freeze them until you need them.
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3 Chop hotdogs and add to ground meat. 

We did say that hotdogs are automatically delicious on its own. This quality makes it a fantastic ingredient to add to other mixtures! Finally chopped up, these meaty pieces will elevate the flavor of your food. You can add it to a ground meat mixture to make into meatballs you can serve to kids or make an unexpected embutido recipe that has the meaty chunks but also cubes of cheese, too. Kids will love these recipes!   

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4 Stew hotdogs with other meats.  

Hot dogs are actually very resilient. Did you know that the original hotdog was a frankfurter sausage, nicknamed a "dachshund sausage" because of its long, thin shape compared to other sausages? These were usually just boiled and then served on long buns and this tradition of boiling hot dogs is perfect if you want to cook it for a long time. These sausages don't break down! 

That means you can use in stews such as this beef menudo recipe with hotdogs or in a milky sopas as a surprise ingredient. 

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5 Make spaghetti with hotdogs. 

Few kids will forget that they love sweet-style spaghetti. These were also the times when they'd dig through for the chunks of hotdogs in the sauce! There weren't many pieces but that's the beauty of making this kind of recipe at home. You can add as much as you like in it! 

In fact, we have a fast food hack of that kind of spaghetti, and it's got ingredients that will make you no longer wonder how anybody could recreate it at home. What's wonderful about the recipe is that it's very Pinoy, with ingredients that will make any local feel like they're eating something homemade.      

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Do you have recipes that make hotdogs the star of the dish? Give us a hint! 



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