Here's Everything You Can Make With Kimchi

These recipes celebrate your love for kimchi.

Kimchi is one of the most iconic food to come out of Korea. This spicy fermented cabbage was already well-loved even before the Korean wave took over. 

Kimchi is quite easy to make, but what makes it different is the spicy red pepper flakes that are used to make it spicy. Did you know there are more than just one way to make kimchi? There are such things as white kimchi, spring onion kimchi, and cucumber kimchi

Specialty stores now offer more than one kind of kimchi recipe. Kimchi varies in the marination, fermentation time, and even the amount of red pepper flakes used in each batch. That's why there are those who love one kind of kimchi brand over another. 

If you too are as obsessed with kimchi and all things Korean and spicy, you should try these recipes that feature this cabbage:  


1 Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe 

Don't stray too far from the dish that made kimchi mainstream! The fried rice recipe that used kimchi in it was the dish that launched kimchi as a recipe ingredient that should be a staple in your kitchen. 

Photo by Patrick Martires
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2 Kimchi And Spam Fried Rice Recipe  

Kimchi and SPAM are from two different countries but these two kitchen staple ingredients make a fantastic flavor combo when paired in fried rice. When you make fried rice like this, you just created a recipe for an all-in-one meal. You don't need anything else to eat with a bowl of this fried rice except maybe a glass of soju.   


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Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

3 Bacon and Kimchi Frittata Recipe

A frittata is basically something fried and this is one rice dish that might surprise you because it has everything you normally would see on your plate. This has smokey bacon, spicy kimchi, and hearty fried rice mixed with beaten eggs. It's fried in one giant skillet so you can slice these into wedges for a hearty meal that's unexpectedly delicious and filling.    


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4 Kimchi Butter Recipe 

Do you have a bottle of kimchi liquid leftover? That's okay! If you love kimchi and don't want to toss out this flavorful liquid, you should mix it up with some softened butter to make this flavored butter. Just imagine spreading this flavorful butter onto toast with chicken breast slices? 


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5 Beef Bulgogi Bao with Kimchi Slaw Recipe 

If you love kimchi, you should try this kimchi slaw! This spicy Asian coleslaw version is going to transform your burger, sandwich, or these beef stuffed baos. 

Photo by Riell Santos

6 Cucumber Kimchi Recipe  

Did you know that kimchi doesn't have to be cabbage? You can make other vegetables into kimchi! This cucumber version is a great example that you don't have to stick with cabbage. For those who never liked the bitterness that cabbage has, try this cucumber kimchi version that is just as easy to make as the original cabbage. 


7 Kimchi Ramyun Recipe 

Kimchi and instant noodles are not strangers so if you have ever stirred in some kimchi into your bowl of instant noodles, this recipe encourages you to do more than just that! Why not elevate that instant meal with more ingredients that make it more than just a noodle and soup meal? The addition of more ingredient makes this instant meal instantly more hearty, too. 

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Jan 5, 2014

How can you not try these recipes? We think anyone who loves kimchi would be itching to try these delicious ways to enjoy their favorite Korean ingredient! Give these a kimchi recipe ideas try, and see if you are not instantly more in love with kimchi and all things Korean. 



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