Easy Recipes Using Oyster Sauce

This Chinese ingredient is what makes stir-fries so delicious!

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Having a taste of oysters doesn't need to be in a fancy restaurant. In fact, you can have it covering each piece of your stir fry dish if you're eating a Chinese-style dish in the form of oyster sauce.

Did you know that oyster sauce was created by accident? Yes! The savory, umami-packed sauce was supposed to be an oyster soup. However, a distracted cook left the pot simmering over low heat on the stove for hours until it was reduced to a thickened sauce instead of a soup. A cautious taste resulted in a surprisingly delicious sauce which is what we know today as oyster sauce.

Commercial oyster sauce today is a condiment in sauce form made with oysters which has been seasoned and thickened and then fermented to create the super flavorful sauce we know and love. It's one of the most widely used ingredients in many stir-fries, and it's not surprising. The seasoning is an umami powerhouse that's savory with an underlying taste of the ocean from where the oysters came from. It tastes like oysters but has a stronger and richer taste with caramelized flavors that you can't get from fresh oysters.


If you have a bottle of this saucy condiment, you won't need much to make delicious recipes! Here are easy recipes to make so you can enjoy resto-level dishes at home:

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1 Chicken With Oyster Sauce Recipe

An easy dish can be loaded with flavor! This recipe makes chicken intensely good. A good amount of oyster sauce plus some garlic, ginger, and mushrooms create a mixture that marries well with the chicken. You'll be needing lots of rice with this dish!


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2 Adobo Squid With Oyster Sauce Recipe

Adobo is usually super flavorful already. So, just imagine how much more appetizing the dish would be if it were made with a little flavor boost from not just soy sauce but also oyster sauce! This squid recipe is a great example of these two ingredients meshing together to create an irresistible bowl of squid.


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3 Steamed Beef With Oyster Sauce Recipe

Oyster sauce is the common ingredient in the popular stir-fried recipe, the beef with broccoli dish. However, what makes this dish tricky is that the beef needs to be cooked just right so it remains tender or it needs to be cooked long so it becomes tender. Figuring out how to cook the beef fast without overcooking it can be solved by using a gentler cooking method. Try steaming the beef and simply tossing it with the oyster sauce mixture.


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4 Beef, Peppers, And Sitsaro In Oyster Sauce Recipe

Whether you need baon or just want a quick dish to put together, this easy recipe is a fast take on a beef and peppers recipe without the other fuss of using more ingredients. It relies mainly on the oyster sauce to make the dish super tasty so you can have a quick dish to eat when you're feeling hunger pangs now.



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5 Sizzling Tokwa Stir-Fry Recipe

Tokwa is a great ingredient to use for recipes that use oyster sauce. It absorbs the flavors and becomes seriously addictive! This tofu recipe also has bell peppers, button mushrooms, garlic, and leeks to make everything aromatic and hearty. To make it even more appetizing for any eater, this version is best served on a sizzling hot plate so everything is piping hot when you're ready to eat!


Feel free to add some chili flakes and hoisin sauce to give it a sweet-spicy flavor to meld with the savory flavors already present in the dish.


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6 Thai Ginger Chicken Stir Fry Recipe

Ginger is one of those ingredients that take away the malansa taste that some kinds of meat may have. In this recipe, it's not just used for that purpose but it's also used to add great flavor to the chicken. Combined with the other ingredients, this quick-cooking recipe is spicy-savory with a touch of sweetness and a delicious aroma from the sesame oil.



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7 Hawaiian Beef Broccoli Recipe

What makes the recipe beef with broccoli so popular? We think it's the combination of the savory beef with oyster sauce and the fresh broccoli that makes it so good! That's how it tastes like in a Chinese resto! However, when it comes to the Pinoy taste, we like our food with some sweetness. Enter the pineapple that gives it not just some sweetness but a fruity tanginess that you'll be amazed works well with the beef broccoli combo, too.



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8 Pancit Chami Recipe

Most pancit recipes are content with just soy sauce to make it savory and salty. Not for the chami recipe! This recipe still has the requisite soy sauce for the color and taste but it's bolstered by some oyster sauce, too, to give the dish an overall better taste for the thick miki noodles.



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May 10, 2021


9 Sweet Chili Eggplant Stir-Fry Recipe

A simple ginisang eggplant recipe can be made with just a couple of other ingredients but why stop there when you've got an entire condiment shelf available for your use? Add some bottled sweet chili sauce with the oyster sauce to give this veggie dish a boost in delicious flavor. Got garlic peanuts? Add that as well to give this side dish an appetizingly nutty crunch!


Here are more recipe ideas in case you want to use oyster sauce in other ways plus stir-fried recipes to experiment with:  


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