6 Delicious Ways To Cook Sardines

Sardines can become a delicious meal.

Canned sardines is a staple but it does take some trial and error to find the can that you like among all those available in the grocery. There are other canned food that many people prefer but if you’re faced with a can and don’t know what to do with it, we have recipe ideas on how to prepare it: 

Ginisang Sardinas
Photo by Patrick Martires

Ginisang Sardinas Recipe  

The simple task of sauteing the sardines can do wonders for its overall flavor! You can use a lot of garlic and onions to amp up the flavor plus, more tomatoes can temper the flavor of the overly fishy taste that you may not like. 

Tortang Sardinas
Photo by Majoy Siason

2 Tortang Sardinas Recipe 

Sometimes you open a can and the fish inside has been broken up. That’s okay! For this recipe, you need the fish to be so tender that it can be broken up and made into these little rounds. You’ll need some help to bulk up the torta but the overall flavor will still be there to tell you that you’re finally eating that can of sardines and liking it. 

Baked Eggs with Sardines
Photo by Patrick Martires

3 Baked Eggs with Sardines Recipe 

Fancy it up a notch or two for this recipe! If you have the choice, use the canned sardines in natural oil or the Spanish-style to make this baked eggs recipe. Fancy doesn’t need to mean complicated. In fact, bust out the kangkong instead of trying to find other greens for this recipe and so it’s not as bitter. Think of this as sauteed kangkong and tomatoes with sardines and eggs. It makes for a great breakfast!  

Sardine Rice Bowl
Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

4 Sardine Rice Bowl Recipe 

A rice bowl is just a bowl of rice topped with your choice of ulam. This rice topping bowl, however, gets an upgrade in flavor! The sardines are fried first so you can toast the little fish until crisp. Then, the reserved tomato sauce is seasoned with more ingredients to change its taste from ordinary to delightful by giving it the Mediterranean treatment. Some olives and peppers does the trick, and voila! A rice bowl that someone might actually want to dig into. 


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Misua with Sardines
Photo by Mark Jesalva

5 Misua with Sardines Recipe 

The most simple of ingredients can become the most delicious of dishes! In this case, misua is the simple ingredient that becomes something delicious with the addition of some flavorful broth, chunks of vegetables, and some sardines to give it some meaty flavor from the sea.

Sardine Fish Cakes
Photo by Patrick Martires

6 Sardine Fish Cakes Recipe  

You can level up those tortang sardine rounds into these fish cakes. Instead of just using eggs and flour to make the cakes, these sardines are mashed up with some mayonnaise plus a few other ingredients to pairs well with fish and then coated in some cornflakes before frying. The result is a fish cake that tastes so delicious, you may not remember it’s sardines. Don’t forget the dip! 


Have your sardines been sitting on the kitchen shelf too long? Make it taste better by trying out one or two of these recipe ideas.     


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