10 Dishes To Master Before The Year Ends

Make this the year you improve your kitchen game.

Are you ready to make 2019 a year of delicious eats? These recipes will make your special occasions and daily dining experience another level of satisfying.

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1 Beef Tapa

Tapsilog is always a great way to start a day. Mastering beef tapa is basically mastering breakfast ad infinitum. There’s just no way you can grow tired of tapa.

No breakfast spread is complete without the classic tapsilog.

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The classic beef tapa recipe gets delicious Thai flavors.

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2 Kare-Kare


No doubt about it, kare-kare insanely delicious—we promise you, kare-kare is well-worth the effort. It’s time to make your mama proud and finally master this recipe!

This kare-kare sauce is delicious with lechon kawali!

Kare-kare is a peanut-based beef stew and a Filipino favorite.

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

3 Spaghetti Carbonara

Making authentic spaghetti carbonara is actually quite different from what we usually know. Mastering the original recipe will get you that creamy, cheesy spaghetti without all that cream or effort. This recipe will surely be a keeper for easy, quick dinners. 

Would you believe that true carbonara is the original no-cook pasta sauce?

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4 Chocolate Chip Cookies


The journey to the perfect chocolate chip cookie is not just about perfecting technique, but also about knowing your own preferences! Your first batch may not be your favorite, so making multiple batches of different recipes until you find the perfect one for you sounds like a delicious plan for the year.

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That cookie jar won't stay full for too long with these classic chocolate-y cookies!

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Learn how to make chocolate chip cookies exactly the way you want them.

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Plus: we talk to Buddy Valastro about making cakes and working with family all day.

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This brown butter chocolate chip cookie recipe is a light twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie.

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The classic chocolate chip cookie is every home baker's introduction to desserts.

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5 Chocolate Cake

Having a go-to chocolate cake recipe that you’ve perfectly mastered is like having the recipe to happiness. Who doesn’t want that?

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You don't need an oven to make this fudgy chocolate cake recipe!

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Treat yourself to a slice (or two) of good, fudgy chocolate cake!

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6 Bulalo


There will always be rainy days, cold nights and bad times—but there will always be a panacea: a steaming hot beef broth that warms you up from the inside out.

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Get all that beefy flavor into a soup that's perfect to slurp on rainy days.

A bowl of piping hot broth, beef shanks, and marrow bones always spells comfort food.

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7 Cheese Puto

This well-loved dish is the key to every potluck party. It complements a range of dishes, making it a welcome addition to any spread.

This fluffy after-school staple is surprisingly easy to whip up at home!

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It's topped with a ton of grated cheese!

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Try this easy version of the classic Filipino cake for a delicious merienda.

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Pancit Bam-I


Learning how to make pancit guarantees you can cook for an army at any time. Whether it's for holidays, birthdays, or just friends spontaneously coming to visit, pancit is such an easy dish you can easily toss up for an impressive meal.

This Visayan pancit or noodle dish is well-loved by Filipinos! Bam-I is a pancit that originated in Cebu.

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This pancit recipe is a combo of canton and sotanghon, and it's delicious!

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

10 Banana Loaf

With your leftover, overripe bananas, you can be making no-fail, moist, flavorful banana loaves. The great thing is, banana is good all year-round so there’s always a way to make them.

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The pineapples add a delicious touch to a classic.

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Make your classic banana bread recipe even better!

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It's the little things that count!

The process of mastering a recipe is filled with so many delicious detours. It’s a journey that you should definitely take this year. It’s an adventure that would reap rewards years down the line, not just for yourself, but for all your loved ones and friends.


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