WATCH: These Are The Regional Dishes We’re Craving

These dishes are homegrown favorites!

Who doesn’t miss their beloved dishes from their hometowns? We sure do and we’re also certain that sometimes, the craving for dishes that make you nostalgic for home hits once in a while, too. 

Not to worry! Even if you’re far away from your home province, you can still experience a taste of home when you make any of these regional favorites. From the north to the south, we show you how to make a few of the region’s favorite local dishes. 

Photo by Riell Santos

1 Ilocos Norte: Poqui Poqui Recipe 

This northern dish is a simple dish made of roasted eggplant that’s sauteed in the classic ginisa trio and scrambled eggs. How much more simple can you get to a dish that’s unique yet tasty? 

Photo by Majoy Siason | Styling by Roselle Miranda

2 Cebu: Sinuglaw Recipe 

Sinuglaw is the Cebuano’s version of a leveled up ceviche. It’s made with a fresh tuna kinilaw topped with grilled pork liempo chopped into bite-sized pieces. This version is Chef Tatung Sarthou’s recipe. 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

3 Nueva Ecija/Pampanga: Gising Gising Recipe 

These two provinces claim the gising gising recipe, the dish that’s meant to make you “wake up, wake up”. This creamy dish can actually made with several different kinds of green beans. This version uses the sigarilas or winged beans from the “Bahay Kubo” song lyrics as one of two green beans in this creamy and spicy dish. You can use other green beans such as the sitaw or yard-long beans or the thicker Baguio beans for this dish, too. 

Photo by Majoy Siason

4 Bicol/Quezon Province: Bopis Recipe 

The bopis apparently has another name: kandingga. It’s a spicy dish and while that’s not uncommon in the south where the siling labuyo is frequently used in many dishes, the main ingredients that make the bulk of the dish are certainly unique. Bopis is made of pork heart and lungs and it’s prepared in a special way so it tastes great every time.

Photo by Majoy Siason

5 Iloilo: Crispy Fried Pork or Tulapho Recipe

On Panay Island in the south, there is a dish called tulapho or crispy fried pork. This may sound and look rather normal but its method of preparation is a unique and very time-consuming cooking process that results in a decadent pork dish that’s super meaty. That’s because the pork is simmered in its own fat (also known internationally as confit) as which is why it’s so flavorful compared to other pork dishes. 



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