You Can Reheat Fish Without Drying It Out

We're about to bust the fish-is-inedible-on-the-second-day myth!

IMAGE Michael Angelo Chua

Nothing beats freshly cooked, fork-tender fish. Storing it for leftovers or reheating it the day after, however, is another story. It goes without saying that when it comes to leftovers, fish is the most unappealing of the lot.


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But, all is not lost! It's possible to reheat leftover fish without completely drying it out into overcooked flakes. Read our tips below!



1 Use the oven.

If you have access to an over or a toaster oven, reheat it low and slow for a few minutes. Avoid using the microwave's strong heat (you'll make it smell fishy, anyway) if you're going for soft, edible fish.


2 Add a little water.

Add just a splash of water into your baking dish to help retain the moisture of the fish. Use water sparingly-you don't want your fish to swim in that kind of water!



3 Cover up.

Always place a layer of foil over your baking dish when you reheat fish in the oven. This helps with even reheating and overcooked outer layers of the fish will be avoided completely. Alternatively, you can reheat fish completely wrapped up in foil if you aren't using a baking dish.




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