There’s An Easy Way To Make Kakanin

Plus, it creates the smoothest batter!

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Always wanted to make kakanin (rice cakes) at home? Desserts with flour made of rice, unlike wheat flours, don’t contain gluten so here's an easy way to mix your kakanin batter: use a high-powered ,achine like a blender! Even if you beat it longer than you should, a rice flour batter won't develop the strands that make wheat flour-based dough stretch and batters toughen. That’s also the reason why the blender is the best and fastest machine to use when making kakanin batters.

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Which one is your favorite?

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These Filipino native delicacies, or kakanin, usually show up on our kitchen tables for merienda or dessert. Learn how to make your favorites!

Since rice flour doesn’t change consistency when mixed, beaten, churned, or otherwise kneaded for any length of time, using the blender to mix your kakanin batter is a genius cooking hack. It eliminates any chance of lumps to form because of the high-speed rotation of the blades, and it even mixes everything at the push of a button.

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Here's why the space-saving bullet blender should be in your kitchen.

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Even the smallest kitchen can use this useful appliance.

Excited? Here are a few kakanin recipes you should try now so you can get your kakanin fix now! 

This is the ultimate puto recipe that's meant to be shared!
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

Puto Cake Recipe

Puto is the quintessential kakanin! It's soft, pillowy like a cake and can stand to be smothered in butter and sprinkled liberally with grated cheese. Make this giant one—easily made in a blender we say!—to share with friends and family! 


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It's topped with a ton of grated cheese!

These rice flour cakes are topped with salted egg quarters and baked between banana leaves before being slathered with butter and grated cheese.
Photo by Majoy Siason

Bibingka Recipe 

If you're not going to steam the rice cakes as you would if it were puto, then you may want to make these luscious rice cakes instead. The batter is just as easily made in a blender as it is in a bowl. 


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This classic Filipino bibingka recipe only needs a few pantry staples to recreate at home.

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This bibinkga has a pop of flavor...and color!

Curious to see how a professional chef makes bibingka? Watch this!

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This popular Simbang Gabi treat is one of the best things about the holidays!

These sapin sapin cups are the perfect serving size.
Photo by Erwin Obcemea

Sapin Sapin Recipe 

Sapin sapin is basically flavored rice flour batters cooked on top of each other and this cup version, makes tiny versions of the big rounds you usually find. Flavors can be lychee, ube, langka, mango, and coconut—choose your favorite flavors! 


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Each layer of this Filipino delicacy has a different flavor!

These individual cups make a colorful spread!

Tiny mounds of cassava is steamed and then coated in niyog for these perfectly bite-sized treats.
Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

Pichi-Pichi Recipe 

While not really made of rice, these cassava root mounds are steamed and treated just like rice cakes would be. These are just as delicious as other kakanin and just like rice, won't toughen or be over beaten when made in the blender.  


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These bite-sized rice cakes are delicious!

Whether as a snack or dessert, pichi-pichi is always a pleasure to eat!

Here are more kakanin articles and recipes if the craving is still not satisfied: 

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This version of the all-time favorite Filipino snack or merienda has a delightful tangy twist!

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