This Pancit Sotanghon Dish Will Remind You Of Home

From almusal, merienda, to hapunan, this pancit dish could be the only comfort food you’ll need.

This Pancit Sotanghon Dish Will Remind You Of Home

Let’s talk about something that always hits the spot, especially on days that you need warmth, comfort, and something familiar to make any day better: A tasty broth, soft noodles, and shredded chicken.

Get those delicious thoughts out of your head and get inside the kitchen! This Chicken Sotanghon Soup recipe will take you back to your best memories of eating food prepared at home.

It’s easy to prepare and only needs a handful of ingredients that are readily available at your neighborhood grocery.

Chicken Sotanghon Soup with Malunggay:

Ready in 45 mins. (prep time: 15 mins., cooking time: 30 mins.)

Yield: 4

200 grams Sapporo Long Kow Vermicelli (sotanghon)
Cooking oil
400 grams chicken (use breast part), sliced
1 liter water
2 cubes chicken bouillon cube
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
1/2 cup fresh malunggay leaves, separated from stalks (moringa)

1 Soak Sapporo Long Kow Vermicelli (sotanghon) in warm water until soft, about 10 minutes; drain and set aside.

2 Heat oil in a pot over medium heat. Cook sliced chicken breast until meat turns white. Add water and chicken cubes. Mix until cubes dissolve, cover, and bring to a boil.

3 Season with salt and pepper. Add sotanghon and malunggay leaves, cover for 1 minute, and remove from heat. Serve immediately.

This soup will be ready in a jiffy! Maybe it’s time to show some of those cooking skills off to mom?

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