This New Grocery Find Makes Cooking Faster + Make Dishes More Flavorful

Cut down cooking time without cutting down flavor.

We could all need a little more time in the day. Finding life hacks for our everyday life feels just like getting an extra hour in the day! Knorr recently launched the new SavorRich meaty liquid seasoning, which promises to make a difference in how you prepare your meals. 

If you love Knorr's bouillon cubes and their liquid seasoning, you'll love this even more. Here are some tips on how to use it: 

Even fried chicken can be made better.
Photo by courtesy of Knorr

1 Use it as a quick marinade

Food is all about flavor, but building flavor usually requires time. According to Nicco Santos of Your Local, that's what makes your mom's cooking so special as it's, "marinated for a long time. Cooked for a long time. Marinated for a long time." This new seasoning cuts down all that time, though, and you still get the same effect.

Marinating a whole chicken for roasting? Massage a teaspoon and a half and just leave it for ten minutes before roasting. According to Chef Happy Ongpauco of the Happy Concept Group, with her experiments, it's best to marinate your chicken or pork eight hours or overnight which will also tenderize the meat. However, if you forgot to marinade, you can actually get all that flavor soaked in with just two hours.

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Use: Make tastier fried chicken by marinating your chicken overnight. Don't stop at that. Marinate all your chicken and pork cuts before using.


2 Cut down on ingredients

For some dishes, you won't even need soy sauce or patis. As Happy calls it, it's a "one-stop-ingredient." It cuts down the number of things you need for a recipe meaning there's a lot less to think about. Even with just a little bit, you'll already get that umami flavor.

Use: When you're sauteing your garlic and onions, hold the soy sauce and patis. Instead, a dash of SavorRich is all it takes. For Happy Ongpauco, this means the quickest garlic fried rice ever.

3 Make a quick stock

You can actually use SavorRich to make a quick stock. Chef Josh Boutwood of Savage and Helm normally takes three hours to make stock! That's what makes the ingredient so vital to his cupboard at home, as he gets to spend more time with his family instead of cooking. 

Use: Your chicken porridge will thank you.


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Feb 22, 2012

4 Maximize the chicken and pork flavors

Raintree's Corporate chef Kalel Chan uses the pork SavorRich to season his boiling water for his sisig's maskara for pig ears. This does two things: it removes the "fishiness" of the pig ears while it also brings out the flavor of the pork. The pork ears, by the way, is then grilled and turned into sisig stuffing for gyoza.

You can add the seasoning whenever you're boiling meat. This is a trick you can do to a lot of your recipes to really bring out the meaty flavors of the dish. 

Use: When making a shredded chicken sandwich, boil chicken in seasoned water.

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One more tip! When using as a seasoning, remember that a little will go a long way. Start small, with just a ¼ teaspoon and taste before adding any more. It's really meant to be consumed sparingly. This will allow a 480g bottle to actually last for quite some time.


Knorr Savorrich meaty liquid seasoning in pork and chicken can be found at most groceries and supermarkets for P 6/16g sachet, P85/240g bottle, and P150/480 gram bottle.


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