These Are The Ingredients You Need To Make Seafood Boil

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Take a look at any mukbang series, and you'll see many of them are enjoying eating a seafood feast. This mix is an appetizing pile of different kinds of seafood drenched in a rich sauce that's red-orange from the spices and chunky from the bits of aromatics. 

This is commonly known as a seafood boil in the West and "seafood in a bag" locally. This is actually easy to make especially if you're cooking this in a bag. The bag however needs to be thick enough to handle being boiled in water. The kind of bag you'll need is the same kind that is used for vacuum packing or for sous vide recipes, which are meant to handle the heat.     

Whether or not you want to use a bag or just want to use a big pot, If you want to try this appetizing dish that makes your mouth water as you watch the YouTubers enjoy their seafood feast, here are the ingredients you'll need to make a seafood boil recipe worthy of any eating video:


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1 Seafood Mix  

You can load it up with every kind of seafood you love eating or you can settle for one or two choice kinds. Here are the most common kinds of seafood you might want to add to your version:

  • hipon and/or sugpo shrimps and/or prawns 
  • alimasag or crab
  • tahong or mussels
  • halaan or clams 
  • • lobster 
  • • crayfish
  • • chunks of fish fillets 

Don't be limited to these kinds of seafood! Inquire with your seafood vendor about what kinds of fresh seafood are available for you to try to have an eating experience that is exciting as well as delicious. 

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2 Garlic 

This aromatic is the most common aromatic for the seafood boil. There are some who may think that the more garlic you add, the better. This is totally up to you since garlic can be an overpowering flavor. 

Photo by Devanath from Pixabay

3 Paprika 

Deep red smoked paprika is what you need to make this sauce brick red. The best kind to use is smoked paprika that has a bit of heat but not too much. You can either Spanish or Hungarian paprika. You can alter the heat by using paprika that contains hot chili peppers or you can add red pepper flakes to jack up the heat. 

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4 Butter 

You can use oil, but to make seafood even more irresistible, butter is what you want to use to cook the seafood. Melted butter after all is more delicious and tasty than plain oil, and this is what can elevate your eating experience to be more enjoyable. 

Photo by Abdulhakeem Samae from Pixabay

5 Corn on the cob 

Corn gives that sweet burst of flavor that is a welcome change from the savoriness of the seafood. You can use canned corn that has already been separated from the cob, but the best way to enjoy this is to use corn on the cob. Cut up the corn into 2-inch lengths, and boil these until tender before adding to the seafood bag.  

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

6 Chorizo or Sausages

A link or two of sausages will add a meatiness that the different kinds of seafood just cannot add to the mix. Add Hungarian sausages, cheese frankfurters, or even plain hotdogs to the mix to give your seafood more meatiness. To make it even more delicious, use chorizo which has paprika which, if cooked with the seafood, will leech its flavor and flavor the seafood with its seasonings. 

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

7 Potatoes 

Corn isn't the only vegetable you can add to this seafood dish! Potatoes are a wonderful side dish to serve with the seafood, but it's even better when cooked along with the seafood. This makes sure that the potatoes absorb the buttery, garlic, and paprika-infused sauce that you used to cook the seafood.  


You can add other seafood, meat, and vegetables to the seafood mix apart from these basic ingredients. It will be more appetizing with every bite if you choose the seafood that you naturally enjoy but make it more exciting with other seafood choices that are available. 


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