We Have Some Cooking Hacks For The Serious Sinigang Fan

You can use sinigang mix on a lot of things!

Sinigang mix can be used in more ways other than just in your sinigang mix. Although admittedly, there are tons of different kinds of sinigang you can use it on already. Here, we go through hacks and recipes you can easily try at home for a dish that’s both new and familiar to your taste buds.

Photo by Patrick Martires

1 Use Sinigang Mix As A Dry Rub

Rub your raw chicken thoroughly with sinigang mix to give it that delicious, tangy, vibrant flavor. We’re even got a roasted tamarind chicken recipe that does just that!

Buttery popcorn is the best!
Photo by Riell Santos

2 Use Sinigang Mix To Flavor Fries + Popcorn

IF you’re absolutely crazy for sinigang, you can even make sinigang-flavored fries or popcorn! Simply use it as you would flavor powders, and voila! It’s a unique and addictive snack.

Crunchy on the outside, tangy and tender on the inside. Photo by Karishma Etong

3 Add Sinigang Mix To Your Breading

If you’re making an easy breading from scratch, using flour and cornstarch, you can skip the seasonings and use sinigang mix instead. We tried out at our kitchen as well, when we made these delicious, crunchy Spam nuggets.

Photo by Kasey Albano

4 Add Sinigang Mix To Your Instant Ramen

You can give your instant ramen a delicious sinigang broth! You can skip the packed seasoning that comes with the ramen, or use more water. Just make sure that you season to taste!


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Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

5 Use Sinigang Mix To Season Salmon

Sinigang mix can be fancy, too! You can sprinkle it on your salmon before baking it. As with all acid components added to fish, it can really add a layer of fresh flavors. 

6 Make It Into A Glaze

Looking for a new way to flavor chicken wings? You can make an easy sinigang glaze. Dissolve a 20-gram pack of sinigang mix into a cup of water, add ¼ cup of sugar, season to taste, and reduce your mixture. You’ll get a delicious, tangy-sweet sauce that can coat those wings perfectly.

Photo by Dairy Darilag

7 Make Sinigang Rice

Why haven’t you tried this yet? It’s phenomenal!


There are several ways you can go about this. The easiest way: saute garlic and onions, add cooked rice, and sprinkle over sinigang mix. Mix it until the color has evened and the rice is nice and dry. Another way is to incorporate vegetables for a full sinigang experience. 


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