Counting Calories? Try These Sisig Recipes Made with Bangus, Tokwa, and Tuna

Even meat lovers will love these sisig versions.

Cooking and eating healthier options, no matter what time of the year, is a habit that will always pay off in the long run. Plus, there are simple ways to do it without sacrificing flavor and indulgence! What about switching your main protein? Here are 5 sisig recipes that are made with proteins other than pork—we promise, they are just as delicious.


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Tuna sisig, anyone? Don't forget the calamansi!


1 Sizzling Mushroom Sisig

Use an assortment of fresh, meaty mushrooms to make this.


Looking for a meatless yet satisfying dish? Turn to this vegetarian version of sisig. A mix of fresh mushrooms gives it a delicious meaty texture and earthy flavor.


2 Bangus Sisig

You can find boneless bangus in every major grocery store.


This Filipino appetizer uses flaked milkfish instead of pork.


3 Easy Tofu Sisig

Remember to use firm tofu, or tokwa, when cooking a stir-fried dish.


This easy tofu sisig recipe is a vegetarian twist on the porky Filipino favorite!


4 Fresh Tuna Sisig

While you can use canned tuna to make sisig, fresh tuna is more firm and easy to stir-fry.


Nothing beats fresh, chunky, sizzling tuna sisig!


5 Chicken Inasal Sisig

Got leftover chicken? Turn it into a sisig meal.


Two Filipino favorites come together to pay homage to local flavors.

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