Smokeless Grills That’s Not Just For Your Korean BBQ

These smokeless grills can cook delicious food!

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What makes a grill smokeless? The best definition of a smokeless grill is one that doesn't require charcoal. Charcoal actually produces very little smoke. The little it does produce is created only in the first minutes as the charcoal combusts and starts to heat up to the red hot coals that we are aiming for before we start grilling food. 

This smoke is not always pleasant or welcome, especially if you're indoors.

To enjoy smokeless grilling, you can turn to other ways of heating up your grill, and that's exactly what these grills offer.

Photo by Baumann Living

1 For hearty grillers: Baumann Living Smokeless Grill

You have to love the features of this grill. It's got a wide and large grilling area that makes it easy to grill more than just a few sticks of barbecue.

Plus, it not only uses infrared heat to grill your food well without needing to light up charcoal, but it has a built-in fan to wick away any smoke that the food may produce.

There's even a water canal to ensure that any drips are caught and won't char on the grill itself. There is no danger of oil dripping on the charcoal and causing flare-ups!

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Baumann True Indoor Smokeless Grill (2021 model), starts at P5,495, Baumann Living, Lazada, and S&R Membership Shopping

Photo by Shopee

2 For table-top grilling: Electric Smokeless Charcoal Barbecue Griller

What's excellent about this electric grill is how compact it is! This tiny little grill is just a little over a foot (33 cm or 13.15 inches) in diameter.

That means this can comfortably sit on top of your table with no worry that it will take up too much room. Plus, it too has a built-in little fan that makes it easy to control how hot the plate gets.

Electric Smokeless Charcoal Barbecue Griller, starts at P1,995, on Lazada and Shopee

Photo by Shopee

3 For yakitori-grillers: Japanese Korean Style Mini Portable Barbecue BBQ

If you love Japanese yakitori and want to try it at home, this is a great option to buy. Another adorably small grill that makes it meant to be placed on the table, this tiny grill is made of ceramic.

That means it will hold onto heat longer than if it were metal. Plus, it has a wooden stand that prevents it from burning your table. This is a charcoal stove but don't worry! Since it is small, it will produce little smoke compared to a full-sized charcoal grill.

Japanese Korean Style Mini Portable Barbecue BBQ, small (12 cm), medium (15 cm), and large (24x12.5 cm)sizes starts at P926, Shopee and Lazada

Photo by Lazada

4 For convenient and stylish grilling: Brikk Compact Electric Griller Pan

Small electric grills will always be a delight to use. This comes in a creamy white and a fire engine red color so if you love to grill but are bored of all the black grills on the market, this grill should add color and style to your space. Plus, it converts into a griddle pan for those days you want to do more than just grill.

Brikk Compact Electric Griller Pan, available in red and white, P3,895, Lazada

Photo by Lazada

5 For hardcore grillers: Non-stick BBQ Grill Oven

Those who love grilling will be delighted to know that there is a grill that will cater to their love for a more traditional grill. If this describes you, this grill oven is perfect for you.

This is basically a tiny grill that has an electric coil located above and below the food on the grill. This means that anything you grill on this appliance is going to cook faster.

Plus, since it has a cover that you can close, any smoke the food produces will be trapped and will dissipate before the food is ready to be removed from the grill.

Non-stick BBQ Grill Oven, P6,644.90, Lazada


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