This Is The Pancit That You Can Use As A Substitute For Rice

If you're tired of fluffy rice, you can use this substitute.


Despite the fact that every Pinoy meal must have white steaming rice, there can be times when you can crave something else. Not every dish needs to be served with rice. In fact, there are some dishes that are better served with other starches. 

If you ever get tired of rice, why not switch over to sotanghon recipes? This pancit noodle is a fantastic substitute to use in your dishes. It allows flavorful soups and sauces to coats its strands, creating delicious bowls of noodles that are just satisfying as any rice dish. 

However, a sotanghon guisado recipe may not be what you're looking for and you may be tired of that dish as well. 

Here are some sotanghon recipes that with one taste will make you forget that you need rice: 

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1 Steamed Prawns with Sotanghon Recipe 

Prawns are understandably delicious all on its own. It just gets better when its paired with something that's just as flavorful such as this bed of sotanghon noodles. The sauce that coats the sotanghon is a delicious yet simple mix of sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, and some cooking wine.  



2 Seafood Pancit Sotanghon Recipe 

This is an easy stir-fried sotanghon recipe that easily incorporates any leftover veggies you may have on hand. Not only that, any seafood that's available at your favorite fish vendor at the palengke will just elevate this from simple to irresistible.   

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3 Shrimp and Pomelo Sotanghon Salad Recipe 

Suha or pomelo chunks make this cold sotanghon salad recipe that much better. Its trio of tangy, bitter, and sweet flavors complements the sweet umami flavors of the shrimp and the dressing that's not unlike the the Thai nam chim dipping sauce. It's a fantastic blend of fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, chilis, and other ingredients that make it so lip-smacking good.  



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4 Alimango Sa Aligue Sotanghon Recipe 

Aligue, or crab fat, is incredibly flavorful as it is delicious all on its own. Here, it's sauteed with a little garlic and tossed with sotanghon so there's no confusion as to what you're tasting.  



5 Beef Sukiyaki Sotanghon Recipe 

Sotanghon is usually a dry pancit recipe but here, we take that same type of recipe and give it a flavor makeover with sukiyaki's savory sweetness. Beef and tofu slices join carrots and mushrooms as the topping of this unique sotangahon fusion recipe. 

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6 Oriental-Style Soup Recipe 

We can't talk about sotanghon noodles without talking about how it makes a fantastic substitute for the bird's nest that the original recipe would call for. There's no need to wish for the real thing when there is much more affordable and easily accessible ingredient to use as a substitute. Plus, it tastes delicious no matter what. 

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7 Sotanghon in Cold Beef Mushroom Broth Recipe 

Sotanghon has a tendency to not absorb liquids too much, so you need to use boiling hot water to soften the dried noodles. Since it doesn't need more liquid to soften, that's what makes it a fantastic noodle to use in soups. Minimal absorption means it still tastes like the rest of the soup dish, meaning it's a flavorful spoonful every time.   

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8 Sotanghon-Wrapped Prawns with Tomato-Aligue Sauce Recipe 

This recipe proves how creative you can get with even the simplest of ingredients. Sotanghon becomes the "wrap" of these prawns, creating a crispy bite that mimics the shell of these prawns if it were edible. The savory sauce that these are placed on just amps up the appetizing quality of this dish. 

We hope these sotanghon recipes show you that there are more ways to cook with these Asian noodles than the usual pancit sotanghon guisado recipes we're all familiar with. While we love pancit guisado recipes, those same ingredients can be used in other creative ways so you're never bored with your meals. 

We love pancit. If you want more pancit recipes, here are our best recipes:  



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