12 Soup Recipes To Carry You Through Rainy Days

We all need a warm hug in a bowl.

Rainy days can be quite a hassle, but there are some pleasures to it, too. Hot, steamy soup is also extra enjoyable during these cold days. For some, who've acquired colds due to the season, soup is also one bowl of comfort as it warms up your sinuses-especially if the soup is spicy! So, take advantage of the weather and get all warmed up in the kitchen with bowls of these piping hot and delicious soup recipes:

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1 Easy Oriental-style Nido Soup Recipe


This delicious Chinese soup is a restaurant classic for a reason. You can easily make it, too! Delicious doesn't have to be complicated after all.

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2 Khao Soi (Thai Curry Noodle Soup) Recipe

The curry soup, infused with spices, really warms you up. Plus, when you eat it with all the steam rising from the bowl, you get to inhale all the delicious aromas.


Fresh mushrooms make the most flavorful soups!
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3 Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe

We've all enjoyed instant mushroom soup, but there's a world of difference when you make it from scratch. There's so much more to mushrooms! You get to taste more of its complex flavors when you don't rely on canned mushrooms.


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4 Pork Meatball and Misua Soup Recipe

The hot, slippery misua, the hefty, meaty pork meatballs, and the mellow flavor that brings it all together into one delicious slurp make this recipe the perfect comfort food for rainy days. Add in your childhood memories, and you've got a meal that's a delight to the belly and your soul.


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5 Mushroom-Miso Soup Recipe

You should be cooking with miso more! Miso adds umami, vitamins and minerals, and probiotics-which in turn will help guard you against the sickly perils of rainy weather! (Here's a tip about probiotics: don't add miso into boiling soup! Add it in when it's just hot enough to sip instead.)


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Hot and sour soup is a popular Chinese restaurant soup you can easily make at home.
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6 Hot And Sour Soup Recipe

We just love this exciting, hot soup! You get the mixed textures of crunchy wood ear mushrooms, tender tofu and shiitake mushrooms, and then the bold, vibrant sourness from the vinegar. There's so much happening in one bowl, and yet it sings this harmonious song on your taste buds.


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7 Molo Soup Recipe

Molo soup is just so incredibly comforting. Those hot pockets of delicious meat dumplings along with the steaming, mellow-flavored soup are bound to melt the ice in anyone's heart.

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8 Tom Yum Soup Recipe


Tom Yum's mixture of spices and aromatics gives it its distinct flavor that both warms you up and perks you up. Having trouble finding lime? You can use lemons or calamansi instead.

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9 Spicy Beef Noodle Soup Recipe

Slurp this hot noodle soup for something truly satisfying. The hearty beef explodes with the flavorful broth. Also, have you ever eaten spicy food during a bout of cold? It's heaven-sent!


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10 Chicken Caldo Recipe

Chicken soup has always been known for being good for colds not only because of its steam which clears up your clogged-up sinuses but because of the collagen that dissolved into the soup that's actually anti-inflammatory. Although it's not the cure to the cold, it's a nutritious soup that will help boost your immunity during these trying times.


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11 Sinigang Na Baboy Recipe

There's really nothing like the taste of home! Warm, sour, sinigang will nourish and warm you-the sustenance you need for those rainy nights.

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12 Bulalo Recipe


Delectable, beefy, delicious, satisfying, and nutritious-bulalo will give you the strength you need to face the weather or maybe bury deeper into the covers!

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When you get home after a long, rainy day, a bowl of hot, delicious soup is the best way to cap a day. It's easy to eat, it's warming, it's nutritious, and most especially, it's comforting. If you've got loved ones coming home as well, make sure you've got enough for everyone. Everyone needs a bowl of soup that tastes like a hug!

Here are a few tips as well when you cook up these soups!

Stock-up on imperishable veggies.

It's harder to get beautiful, fresh veggies during this season and to move around due to weather-induced trafficso it's also good practice to stock your pantry when there's inclement weather. Also, often the liquid included in canned vegetables can be used for your soups to add even more flavor.


Make your soup ahead of time.

Busy nights don't mean you don't deserve soup. You can work around it by making the soup ahead of time. This is a good idea as long as your recipe does not contain seafood which will go bad after a day.

If you refrigerate your soup, make sure you cool it down first. To cool it down as fast as possible, transfer it to a shallow container. Make sure to cover your container to avoid contamination. However, don't let your food cool down for too long at room temperature. Food is best refrigerated before the two-hour mark at room temperature. This is because warm temperatures will encourage bacterial growth.

You can also freeze soup to make it last longer.

Frozen soup can last from 2-3 months! Store your soup in a freezer-friendly container with a lid or a freezer bag. Leave some headspace as freezing will cause the liquid to expand.


When reheating the soup, make sure to be gentle with the heat if the mixture contains milk to avoid separation. If the mixture, on the other hand, has thickened too much in storage, get it to your ideal consistency again by adding in liquid and seasoning to taste again.


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