This Ingredient Can Turn Soup Recipes Into Busog Meals

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There isn't any special technique or ingredient that you need to get your hands on to make a soup recipe more hearty and filling. You can add more ingredients to a soup to make it more satisfying but we know an ingredient that can make it so without changing the soup very much: the potato.  

Adding potatoes is easy. You can chop it up into small chunks, into large chunks, mashed to thicken the soup into a chowder-like meal, or pureed to give the soup more body without making it too thick that you can't sip it anymore. 

Adding a potato can even an intentional addition to the soup, especially if you have made your soup too salty. That's because adding a potato to a stew, soup, or another dish that can be simmered is one way to make a dish less salty

Curious how it works? Here's what to do:

  1. 1 Use a whole peeled potato and add it to the pot. Depending on how salty the dish has become, you may need to add more than one whole potato. 
  1. 2 Once added, bring the dish back to a simmer and let it simmer until the potato pieces are cooked through. 
  1. 3 Remove the potatoes and discard if too salty, or add them to the dish as desired.  

The potato proves it's a neutral-tasting ingredient that can be added to bulk up the dish and even enhance it with its presence. The best kind of soup to add potatoes are the creamy ones that give the potatoes an additional boost of flavor and texture. Here are potato soup recipes that you might find delicious and satisfying enough to make it one of your meals of the day: 

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1 Potato and Mushroom Chowder Recipe 

Mushroom soup just got more delicious and hearty with chunks of potatoes added to the addictive soup. Add in real mushroom slices plus some other chunks such as Vienna sausage slices and bacon bits to make it into a meal you didn't think would fill you up! 

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2 Potato Chowder Recipe 

This chowder is a delicious mix of two kinds of potatoes: potato chips and potato chunks. This is a great way to use up potato chips that have gone soft and are no longer appetizing. 

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3 Potato, Bacon, and Corn Chowder Recipe

If you like these, then you'll love this soup that puts three of your favorite ingredients into one delicious soup. The potatoes make this hearty but the bacon adds fantastic flavor while the corn adds a sweetness that's a tasty complement to the bacon and potatoes. 


4 Baked Potato Soup Recipe 

Potatoes that have been baked are super delicious. It gives potatoes a delicious roasted flavor that you can only get from roasting it in the oven. When topped with cheese, sour cream, and all the other toppings you can think of, it becomes a meal that's unexpectedly filling. If you love this kind of potato flavor, you'll find all those flavors in this soup recipe. 


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Photo by Photography by Miguel Nacianceno | Styling by Rachelle Santos

5 Potato and Seafood Chowder Recipe 

Seafood soups are super addicting! These soups are automatically delicious because of the seafood. To make it even more delicious, bulk it up with chunks of potatoes or mash or puree the potatoes to give it body. Plus, the potatoes will absorb the flavors of the seafood to make the dish even tastier.  


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6 Truffle Potato Soup Recipe

Potatoes are a great ingredient that seamlessly blends in with other ingredients. However, there are some ingredients that pair with this earthy ingredient super well. One of these ingredients is the truffle. This mushroom is an expensive ingredient but you can cut costs by using good-quality truffle oil that contains real truffle mushrooms. This oil is infused with the taste of truffle so just a little bit can elevate a simple soup like a potato soup to luscious heights. 


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Do you have a soup that you want to make even more hearty than it already is? Add potatoes, and see if this starchy vegetable will make it into that satisfying meal you want it to be. 


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