Deliriously Delicious Ways to Use Bottled Sardines

Did you know that scrumptious Spanish sardines could be used in so many ways?

We’ve had many fulfilling meals with just hot steaming rice and bottle of Spanish sardines. It never fails to be absolutely delicious, what with all the infused spices swimming in the oil and the incredibly soft fish. But there’s more to this delicious bottled good than eating it as is, so with a pinch of effort, you can actually turn a lazy day meal into a top-notch dinner. These recipes will give you even more reasons to hoard these tasty, healthy sources of protein.

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1 Garlic Pasta with Spanish Sardines Recipe

We think Spanish Sardines were made for pasta! Have a Mediterranean dinner that’s sure to satisfy both your tummy and your palate. Thanks to the super simple sauce and the quick flick of the wrist to open a bottle, this plate is done in 20 minutes!

Mix sardines, basil, and garlic into pasta for a dish with a strong kick!

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2 Spanish Sardines Cream Spread with Crostini Recipe


Fancy hors de oeuvres have never been this easy and absolutely delicious! Cream cheese wonderfully carries the sardines’ flavors and aromatics in this perfect spread. Serve it for a party, for breakfast or spread on crackers for a midnight snack!

Chef Melissa Sison shares her secrets to a cheat's easy dinner party starting with this easy appetizer.

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3 Baked Eggs with Sardines Recipe

What we love about Spanish sardines is that it’s both sophisticated yet accessible. This dish embodies that with your classy Spinach and your go-to staple of sunny-side-ups.

One-pan meals makes breakfast easy!

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4 Sardine Cakes Recipe


Eat it as fish nuggets or make it into a patty for a healthy fish sandwich! These sardine cakes are absolutely delicious! The crunchy crust is a very welcome contrast to the tender tasty fish.

Got bottles of sardines sitting on your pantry? Time to use 'em all up to make crispy fish cakes

5 Zucchini Noodles with Sardines Recipe

How about a Keto-friendly, healthy option? Even if you’re not on the diet, this is still ridiculously deliciousand easyto try!

Enjoy a hefty bowl of noodles by substituting spaghetti noodles with zucchini!

So many ways to cook Spanish Sardines, but don’t get stuck on just one! Make use of its versatility and the fact that you can always have it on hand! Want to make your own Spanish sardines? Check out our recipe below!


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Here's an easy Spanish-style sardines recipe you can pull off at home!

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Bottled Spanish sardines give loads of flavor to homemade dishes.

Take that bottle of Spanish sardines to the next level by stir-frying it with tomatoes and spices.

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