WATCH: This Is The Sili-Loaded Bicol Express You Have Been Looking For

It's got so much sili in it, you won't need to travel to Bicol!

Bicol Express may just be one of the Bicol region's best dishes and it's super easy to make. Plus, the combination really is irresistible! It's incredibly creamy, it's loaded with chili peppers-both the milder siling pangsigang and the spicy but tiny siling labuyo-which gives the dish its signature heat, and uses the Pinoy favorite pork liempo.


We use plain pork liempo, cut up into bite-sized pieces, in the recipe just in case you don't have any leftover adobo used in this recipe. But if you do, the adobo and the coconut cream are a delicious melding of flavors that only make this dish even more mouthwatering. You're going to need lots of rice when you make this regional fare that has won over the hearts and taste buds of not just those in the Bicol region. 



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Nov 28, 2017





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