All The Pusit Recipes You Need to Bookmark

Calamari and adobong pusit aren't the only ways to enjoy it.

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Squid (pusit) may seem like a daunting ingredient to cook but once you get the hang of preparing and cooking it, it can be one of the fastest dishes you can whip up. Here are several delicious recipes you can use to level up your pusit cooking skills:




1 Adobong Pusit

Can't go wrong with the classic adobo but using squid as the main ingredient. Not only that, you can use the squid ink to add even more pusit flavor to the sauce. Once you've mastered the technique here, every squid recipe should be a cinch.  


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Squid meets adobo in this savory-sour Filipino dish.




2 Stuffed Squid

The whole squid is used in these recipes but each has a different filling to tempt even the most skeptical eater. This mouth-watering batch is stuffed with a creamy, herb-infused cheese that will have you licking your lips with each bite. If you want the more classic stuffing made with tomatoes, garlic, and onions, there's a grilled version that should hit the spot, too. There's even a crispy stuffed squid that elevates the usual calamari to one that's packed with more flavor.  


Love eating squid? You can stuff them with cheese, spinach, and herbs.

You don't need to go outdoors to make grilled squid!

The term relleno refers to any dish that is stuffed, be it chicken, fish, pork, or seafood. Try squid with a ground meat stuffing.




3 Squid Ink Pasta

Each squid, when bought whole, contains an ink sack that is highly-prized for its gorgeous black ink. It's intensely-flavored so even just a little bit can season a batch of noodles, like this blackened pancit bihon. 


This Spanish-inspired squid ink pancit recipe tastes of the ocean!

Instead of using soup stock, save some pasta water and use it to dilute the sauce.



4 Squid Ink Rice 

If you're looking for a rice dish that uses squid, there's the black paella that mimicks the flavors that you'd find in Spain, a gorgeously golden-hued version that gets its color from turmeric but it's flavor from the pusit, and finally, an inked fried rice loaded with other seafood flavors that you can serve to any one who loves their seafood. 



Seafood, squid ink, and aligue in paella? It's a dream come true!

This is the perfect rice recipe for your roasts!

This seafood fried rice has lots of mussels and a dash of squid ink.



5 Calamares 

A classic and popular appetizer, calamares has many variations to its batter. There's the simple batter season with plainly with salt and pepper, a beer batter which uses the leavening powers in beer to give it a lightness as it cooks, and even one that seasons the batter with dashes of spice to give each bite an exciting burst of flavor. Or you can go even further with the flavor profiles and toss the coated calamari with a tangy sweet sauce. 



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This appetizer is a cinch to make!

Make this Chinese favorite at home!

Chili pepper gives your fave appetizer a delicious, spicy kick.

The crunchy squid rings are a yummy contrast to the delicate veggies.


Now you know you can enjoy this seafood prepared in a number of ways, with as many flavors as you can add. So, the next time you cook squid is going to be a flavorful meall, especially when you choose from any of these appetizing squid recipes each time. 


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Here's what you need to know about how to buy and then clean pusit for your favorite adobong pusit recipe.


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Fix your cooking mistakes to avoid eating rubbery calamares ever again.


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The rich black sauce makes this dish very unique!


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