We Have an Inkling You Will Love These Squid Recipes

Dig into these seafood-studded dishes!

Squid and other seafood dishes are always easy to prep because they cook very quickly. But when it comes to squid, you have to be careful to not overcook them. Otherwise, they become tough, chewy, and difficult to eat. If you’re going meatless for one day, give these squid recipes a go!


Adobong Pusit (Squid Adobo)

Simmer squid in soy sauce and vinegar for a delicious adobo dish. It’s a Filipino favorite!


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Squid meets adobo in this savory-sour Filipino dish.



Beer-Battered Spicy Calamares

Beer makes your frying batter light and crisp. Add chili to give this dish a spicy kick!


Squid Ink Pancit Bihon

Your favorite pancit studded with seafood and stir-fried with squid ink? What a treat!


Stuffed Squid Adobo

Upgrade your classic squid adobo by buying large squid and stuffing them with shrimp and crabmeat for a hefty meal.



Squid Ink and Seafood Fried Rice

You can toss anything into this squid ink fried rice: sliced squid, shrimp, fish, and mussels. Be creative!


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Go the seafood-and-veggie route without scrimping on flavor.

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Know how to end up tender and delicate fish with these hacks.

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