This Steamed Chocolate Cake Recipe is Last Month’s Top Recipe

Plus, other recipes you loved in May.

These were our most-read recipes last month. Which one is your favorite? 


Steamed Chocolate Cake Recipe

Serve this warm, topped with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.


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You can make a decadent chocolate cake without an oven.



Silvanas Recipe 

This crunchy, crumbly, buttery, and chewy treat is always a crowd favorite.


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A Pinoy favorite that's crunchy, crumbly, buttery, and chewy-all at the same time? Yes, please!



Kare-kare Recipe 

This recipe uses peanut butter and ox tripe for an easy version of the savory Pinoy party staple.


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This peanut-based stew recipe is a uniquely Filipino favorite!



Mongolian Chicken

This chicken dish recipe incorporates both sweet and savory flavors in one easy dish.



Mocha Coffee Jelly

Coffee flavors, a flavorful mousse, and jelly make for a delicious and fun snack.


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Treat yourself to this simple coffee jelly dessert.



Coconut Macaroons

These sweet and chewy pieces take us back to our childhood.


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A drizzle of chocolate syrup takes this classic Filipino-style coconut macaroons to the next level!




Cheese Tarts

Indulge with these light and decadent tarts with a delightful sweet-salty filling.


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Indulge in a batch of gooey, decadent, sweet and salty lava cheese tarts!


Pork Salpicao

This stir-fry dish can double as both appetizer and main dish!



French Toast Rolls

These sweet treats are a fun way to make kids help with breakfast!




Adobong Pusit

This savory-sour dish is always an easy favorite!


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This classic combination never fails!

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