All The Sushi You Can Make At Home

Tuna? Salmon? There are many ways to make sushi!

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Sushi is often viewed as a simple dish to make. It is after all merely rice and seafood wrapped in seaweed. 

It may look easy, and the good news is that it can be easy to make at home. The key is knowing how to roll the sushi right so you end up with rolls that stand up on its own without falling apart. To do this, you need to gather your sushi ingredients and the special equipment needed to do the rolls. 

Here are the basic sushi ingredients you'll need to make almost any type of sushi:

  • • nori (seaweed) sheets
  • • crabsticks, fresh fish, or other meat
  • • steamed Japanese rice
  • • wasabi (green horseradish paste) 
  • • pickled ginger 
  • • sushi dipping sauce (soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, and salt)   

The filling can range from these basic ingredients to more complex and loaded fillings. Maki can be filled with other ingredients, including mango and cucumber and special sushi can be filled with Japanese mayonnaise and rolled in either fish or shrimp roe. You have control over what goes in your sushi


The basic sushi equipment you'll need to make sushi are these:

  • • bamboo mat
  • • plastic wrap 
  • • bowl of water  

The bamboo mat is easily sourced from your local Japanese grocery as well as the ingredients you'll need. The plastic wrap will make rolling the sushi easier while the bowl of water makes it easier to work with the ingredients, especially the sticky sushi rice.  

If you have your ingredients and have equipment ready, you can start making some sushi at home using any of these recipes:  

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1 Crabstick and Sausage Sushi Recipe 

This basic sushi recipe is made a little easier, especially for those who do not like raw fish. Crabsticks, also known as kani is a type of surimi, finely ground fish that is made into a paste, shaped and formed to mimic fish or other kinds of food, and then cooked. This is what crabsticks are made of. You can swap out the crabstick for other ingredients, including the Vienna sausage for a different take on a classic version of the sushi.   

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2 SPAM Sushi Recipe 

SPAM is one of those food that you either love or hate. Those who love it want it in any form they can eat it, including those inventive ways that always crop up on their social media accounts. This is one of those recipes where you want to level up your sushi with something you know is going to be a hit. Stuff SPAM with rice and roll it in the nori sheets for an all-in-one bite that you can savor.     

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3 Adobo Sushi Recipe 

If you ilke the idea of the SPAM sushi, you can appreciate how versatile sushi can be. In this case, shredded and flaked adobo is swapped for the luncheon meat for a Filipino twist on this Japanese dish. You can do the same thing with leftover pork binagoongan, too! 

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4 Rainbow Sushi Recipe

All the colors of the rainbow can be stuffed into these nori sheet rolls! All you have to do is look for the vegetables, fruits, and even meat that correspond to the colors you need. The seven colors make this sushi especially appetizing! 

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5 California Maki Recipe  

If you want a more classic sushi dish on your table, make this one. While not a Japanese recipe, the California maki is accepted as a classic combo. The roll made of mango, cucumber, crabsticks, rice, and nori is particularly distinguishable among the many types of sushi because of the tiny fish eggs it's rolled in, coating the surface and delivered a subtle salinity that's delicious.   


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6 Kimbap Recipe 

Japan isn't the only one with sushi! In Korea, this sushi-style roll is called a kimbap and it's made with a similar filling choices. However, the most common version is stuffed with crabsticks, scrambled eggs, spinach leaves, carrot stick, and pickled radish. It's the rice where you'll taste the big difference. It's mixed, not with a vinegar solution but with sesame oil, giving it an aromatic and earthy flavor.  


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May 30, 2016

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7 Purple Rice and Kani Maki Recipe 

If you want to be truly different with your sushi, try swapping the rice. The black or purple rice used in this version is a vibrant change from the steamed white rice of your usual sushi but it's an earthy change that nonetheless works as sushi rice. Pair it with the usual crabsticks and tuna, so its looks don't totally fool your taste buds.      


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What other fillings of sushi can you think of pairing with the seaweed and rice rolls? 


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