Tapsilog Idea: Host a Brunch Buffet!

Fried rice and eggs always lead to amazing mornings.




Tapsilog is a Filipino meal which puts together tapa (marinated or cured beef strips), sinangag or fried garlic rice, and itlog or fried egg. Tapsilog is commonly consumed during breakfast but the meal is as good for any time of the day.




If you're looking to host a brunch party unlike anything else, why not try offering a Silog-inspired brunch buffet instead of the average spread of pancakes and bacon? The classic combination of protein, sinangag (fried garlic rice) and itlog (eggs cooked sunny side up) is a quintessentially Pinoy breakfast that is just ripe for a bit of playful experimentation. To help you start your forays into brunch, here are a handful of tips from us to you:



1 It's about variety

A buffet is no fun without loads of options, but don't stress yourself out and spend the whole meal slaving over the stove. Offer your guests a good variety of proteins (3 or 4 kinds is pretty solid) and try to prepare two styles of eggs (sunny-side up and scrambled are classic) alongside a huge serving of freshly made garlic rice, so guests have the chance to mix and match!

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2 Condiments are key

Pinoys sure do love to customize their meals with condiments, and breakfast is no exception. Condiments such as vinegar, fried garlic chips, atchara (Philippine-style pickles) and hot sauce will help to give your brunch guests even more variety and will let them season their food to their hearts' content. If you're feeling fancy, you can even offer balsamic vinegar glazes, tonkatsu sauce, Sriracha, and even pesto!



3 The more the merrier

 When it comes to feeding a group, it's always better to serve a little bit more food than you think you can finish. That way, you'll never run out of food and all you have to do is give guests a doggie bag filled with the leftovers!



4 Give your guests combo suggestions

For guests who don't feel like making their own personal brunch combos, make sure to have a handful of surefire combinations to suggest to them at the buffet. Here are a few suggestions:



Chorizo Hash + Tomato Fried Rice + Fried Egg

Longganisa + Danggit Sinangag + Fried Egg + Spiced Vinegar

Spam Katsu + Brown Rice + Katsudon Eggs + Katsu Sauce




5 Be adventurous!

This is your chance to feed your curiosity and try out a few newer, more unconventional breakfast-inspired dishes for the classic Silog. If your friends are up to it, try switching things up by adding fun flavors to classic silog staples. Think Kimchi fried rice, egg white omelets, or teriyaki-glazed Spam.



Photography by Patrick Martires


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