All The Ways You Can Prepare Juicy, Tasty Liempo

Pork belly recipes are some of the juiciest and flavorful meats.

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Pork is definitely the favorite meat of the Filipino. From the simple porks chops we love to cook because it's quick and easy to cook every day to the whole hog roasted on a spit, the lechon that's mandatory for any celebration, there isn't a pork part we don't love to have on our plate. 

One of the best cuts on the pig is the pork belly. It's a fantastic cut because not only does it have a great meat-to-fat ratio, this layering ensures that it's almost impossible to not cook it right! For newbie cooks, undercooking is the most probable mistake that happens with pork belly recipes but overcooking the pork belly will not dry out the cut because of this wonderful layering. It takes a lot of cooking to get this cut to become crispy and usually, it's intentionally thinly sliced to achieve that. 

With so much cushion for error when cooking this pork cut, we're sure you're more than ready to start looking for recipes to try cooking pork liempo. As a guide, here are different ways you can prepare your pork liempo cut so you can have the best-tasting liempo meal of your life: 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana
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1 Marinate until flavorful and tender. 

Choose your favorite flavors for meat and we're almost 100% sure it will work wonderfully with pork. That's how versatile this meat is! Whether you're cooking a simple adobo recipe or rubbing it down using your favorite blend of herbs and spices, you're going to have a fantastic pork meal. 


One way of ensuring that is by marinating the pork in something flavorful. There are two ways of going about this: the wet marinade and the dry marinade. A wet marinade is usually a liquid flavoring wherein you let the meat sit in it for as short a time as 30 minutes to as much as hours to days. 

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2 Glaze it. 

The wonderful thing with glazes is that no matter what you cook, the end result is always, always flavorful. That's because the glaze is brushed on after you cook! Even as simple glaze made of honey is enough! Try it with one of this recipe: 

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3 Pair it with something fresh. 

We love dishes that have contrasting flavors and textures! That's why recipes that pair two or more ingredients together are that much more delicious! You can pair crunchy with soft a pan-fried chicken recipe topped with salsa, sour or spicy with sweet like a sweet and sour fish recipe, grilled and raw such as this grilled pork belly strips tossed with kinilaw na tuna.

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Sep 17, 2013


4 Stuff it.

Not all recipes are simple but the end result of these more complex, complicated, or ingredient-heavy recipes are usually nothing short of spectacular when you finally taste it! To make it even more flavorful, some even stuff their meats with aromatic herbs, chunky vegetables, or any combination of these to make it stand out.

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

5 Make it crispy, crunchy all over.  

Who doesn't like a good old-fashioned crunchy and crispy pork belly meal? That's why there are many lechon kawali and crispy pork belly recipes out there! The secret lies in how it's prepared before it's laid into the boiling hot oil. This secret is how you can achieve extra crunchy skin on the outside and tender pork meat on the inside. Learn some tips on how to do that with these recipes: 


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Photo by Bianca Laxamana

6 Simply salt and pepper it. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with salt and pepper. In fact, some of the most delicious dishes started out with just these two seasoning ingredients and was so good, it was hard to curb the imagination and creativity of the cook to do more with it. That's because these two seasonings enhance the flavors of the pork!

Try a simple salt and pepper seasoning all over your pork belly and see if you don't appreciate the wonderful porky, meaty flavors that aren't covered up with any else. Let the pork shine! 

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With so many options for you to flavor your dish, take a chance and see if your idea will be delicious, too. 

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