Reader Tips: Make the Best Kare-Kare

Our readers gave us a few tips on how to make an extra saucy peanut stew.


Filipinos love a good kare-kare. A classic Pinoy stew made of ground toasted peanuts and oxtail, kare-kare is a comforting dish, served warm with piles of rice and a healthy dose of bagoong or fermented fish


We asked our readers what exactly they do to make their versions of this quintessential Filipino fave. Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks:


Use rice flour to thicken the sauce for better texture. - Isabel Michelle Latayan-Pascua


Try this recipe: How to make Kare-Kare



Saute the peanut paste (not peanut butter) in garlic first, then put atsuete and the beef broth from all the boiled meats before putting in all the meat. -Ana Apolonio


Try this recipe: Kare-Kare



Grill the eggplant. -Jose Maglonzo


Try this recipe: Lechon Kawali Kare-Kare



Make it the old-fashioned way; Toast the sticky rice or malagkit first before grinding it. It'll taste like real kare-kare and not just peanut butter. -Joy Sherer



Try this recipe: Inihaw na Liempo with Peanut Bagoong Dipping Sauce



Use real freshly ground peanuts and put lots of it for a creamy, peanut-y taste! -Panpan Tan C


Try this recipe: Kare-Kare Pasta



Cook the vegetables separately -Brigette Guzman


Try this recipe: Salmon Head Kare-Kare


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