Did You Know That Can Cook an Entire Meal in a Toaster Oven?

Here are tips on how to cook anything in this trusty kitchen appliance.

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Almost every Pinoy kitchen has a toaster oven. What else would you use to toast your pandesal every morning? But did you know you can actually cook in a toaster oven? An entire meal, even? 


Well, you can. And here are 5 tips and tricks you should know, so you can start on that toaster oven meal today.


1 Always preheat your toaster.

It’s standard practice even with a conventional oven, so treat your toaster oven similarly and preheat before using.


2 Toast in batches.

It’s smaller than your conventional oven, so don’t pack it in. Cook in batches, so each dish you bake in the toaster oven is cooked perfectly.


3 Use foil.

Line the tray for easier clean up after cooking. Use foil for wrapping up parcels full of meat and vegetables, too. Foil traps steam, making the steam super hot, and helps cook your food more evenly.


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4 Check the temperature.

Toaster ovens usually don’t have a temperature gauge, so it may hotter or cooler than you expect. So, check your food as it cooks to prevent burnt marks or under cooking.



5 Check the time.

Since the temperature is uncertain on gaugeless toaster ovens, you’ll most probably have to adjust the time it takes to cook something in it. For meats, you’ll have to add minutes to the cook time to ensure the chicken is cooked through while for baked goods, you might have to check within the first 5 minutes of the bake time to prevent over-baking.


Now that you’re prepared to use your toaster oven, you can now make an entire meal in one. Dinner is served! 


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