Replace The Pork With Tokwa In These Recipes

Make the easy swap from pork to tofu.

Tokwa or tofu is an easy ingredient to use in recipes. The only thing you really need to do is prepare the tofu beforehand. This usually means frying the fresh but firm tofu until golden brown and crispy on all sides. This is how tokwa becomes an easy substitute for pork! It’s an easy swap because it not only will absorb any flavor that the pork will usually have when cooked but it will also not need any time to tenderize. Add it in, let it absorb the flavors you want, and in minutes, you can be eating a pork dish that is super budget-friendly.

In fact, you can cut your grocery budget by as much as 50% less since pork has risen in price since the pandemic began! After all, tofu is about half or a little more than half the price of pork. 

There are already many versions of recipes using tofu but there are some you might not have thought of. If you’re convinced you can make this change in your eating lifestyle, here are pork recipes we think you should try swapping out the pork and using tofu instead: 

Photo by Majoy Siason

1  Breaded Tofu Chop Recipe

Breaded pork chops are fast and easy to cook. This is easy to pack for baon because it’s not just easy but also pretty tasty. However, if you’re thinking of eating better by swapping out the pork, this is a great recipe to do it with tofu.


For this recipe, your fried tofu can still be used but instead of just brushing on the sauce, you can make your tofu squares extra crunchy by treating them like the pork chops. You can even toss in a few tablespoons of Parmesan to give your tofu chops some cheesy umami flavor. 

Photo by Riell Santos

2 Tofu Barbecue Recipes 

Can you resist saying “no” to a stick of this delicious barbecue? The sweet-savory marinade of your usual pork barbecue is the key to making it super irresistible. The combo of flavors makes it appetizing to the common Pinoy taste. 

That’s why the swap from pork to tofu isn’t as big a deal as one might think. You will still get the same sweet-savory taste that is in the pork barbecue but it actually may be more flavorful since the tofu will absorb the sauce even better than meat ever will. You can even make the barbecue sauce spicy or even a little more aromatic with five-spice powder. How’s that for irresistibility? 


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3 Tofu Binagoongan Recipes 

Bagoong, for some, is an acquired taste. For many Pinoys, it’s super delicious. It becomes even more delicious when it’s added to a dish that only makes it even more appetizing such as when it’s made into a pork binagoongan recipe. 

It can be made simply with a few tomatoes added to give it a tangy contrast to the salty shrimp flavor that can dominate the dish. Make it even more delicious with a creamy ingredient such as gata or coconut milk added to make it extra delectable. Use the usual green beans or sitaw or add in some talong or eggplant to make it more balanced as a meal.

All these ideas make the binagoongan dish into a delicious recipe for tofu. Make the easy swap from pork and you might fall in love with another version of the binagoongan you didn’t know you liked. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

4 Tofu Sinigang Recipes 

Soup isn’t usually where tofu shines its brightest but it’s a delicious avenue for making the swap from pork to tofu. The sinigang is a delicious soup that you can easily hack with other ingredients to make it more appetizing than it already is. Tofu is a great addition to the soup and makes a great sponge soaking up all those flavors. You might need more than one cup of rice for this easy swap! 

Are there other pork recipes that you think would be delicious when made with tofu instead? Here are some ideas that we already thought of and made recipes that are easy to follow: 


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