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Monggo is an underestimated ingredient in the kitchen. Take the humble monggo to new heights by adding it to dishes as togue or bean sprouts for a burst of freshness. Paired with tofu or tokwa, it can be the more filling and satisfying meal that can take the place of meat anytime.

Bean sprouts are actually quite nutritious despite its small size. It's loaded with Vitamin A which boosts your immunity and aids in healthy eyesight and cell growth. 

If you find it hard to find fresh togue in the stores, did you know you can easily make togue at home? You don't need much but you do need time but it can be done within two to three days. All you need are mung beans or monggo, water, and a jar large enough to let the beans swell and sprout. Here's what you do with these things: 

  1. 1 Place 1 cup monggo in a large jar.
  2. 2 Add 2 cups water or enough water to cover the beans about 2 inches. Cover with a lid and set aside overnight. 
  3. 3 Drain the water from the monggo well, rinse, and pat dry.   
  4. 4 Return beans to the jar. Cover loosely with the lid and set aside again overnight. 
  5. 5 Remove the lid and rinse if desired. Remove and discard the green shells from the sprouts if desired. 

The sprouted beans are ready! If you prefer longer sprouts, leave the sprouts in the lightly covered jar for another day. You'll be amazed just how fast and easy it is to make togue at home. If you try this method, you'll find that these super fresh togue are easy to eat raw (no need to cook at all!) and perfect for any of bean sprout recipe.

Want to make togue recipes more hearty and take it from mere side dish to part of your main course? Add fried tofu chunks or tokwa to the mix which you can easily do to every one of these togue recipes.

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1 Lumpiang Togue Recipe 

This lumpia is stuffed with an easy stir fry consisting of lots of togue, carrots, green beans, and other vegetables. Fry some tofu strips which is a great addition to this all veggie stir fry. Serve this with a tangy vinegar dip or sweet chili sauce if that's your preference. 

You can even toss in some buko to the mix to make lumpiang buko with togue spring roll version! 

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2 Ginisang Togue Recipe 

This super easy recipe is commonly a side dish to the main ulam that you're serving. Why not make it the main instead? Make it heartier with big chunks of tofu that you add to the mix. It will absorb the flavors of the sauce that you make so you might want to double up on the sauce recipe just to make up for the bulk the tokwa will add. 


3 Ensaladang Togue Recipe 

This ensalada is a fast and easy recipe to put together. It's deceptively loaded, too! An easy salad dressing is a quick mix of vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper, and super aromatic sesame oil. Toss it together with the sprouts, nuts, and a few other choice salad ingredients. Adding tofu chunks would add the heft you need to make any salad more filling. 

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4 Easy Stir Fried Bean Sprouts Recipe 

This is the type of togue recipe you might find served with a Korean barbecue, a Japanese bento box, or a simple tuna recipe. This stir fry recipe is loaded with sprouts and can easily incorporate some tofu strips into the recipe together with the peppers and green beans. It's a great and delicious side that can take the place of rice any time. 


5 Tofu with Pea Shoots, Bean Sprouts, and Edamame Recipe

When you want to get fancy with your recipes, this is how to do it. This stacked tower of fried tofu drizzled with a soy-based sauce. It's served with garlic sauteéd bean sprouts, pea shoots of tomyao, and fresh soy beans or edamame.   

What togue and tokwa pairing would you like to make? 


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