Tokwa Recipes To Make For Breakfast, Lunch, Merienda, And Dinner

Here are recipes to cook with tofu for any meal of the day.

Tofu or tokwa is a great ingredient for dishes. While it’s seen primarily as a meat alternative, it should be treated as more than that. 

The trick to making fast and easy tofu recipes is to already have these fried these even before you know you will use them. That’s because frying tofu takes time. You’ll need at least 20 minutes to pan-fry a batch of tofu. You can cook these oil-free by cutting the tofu into bite-sized pieces and air frying these in an air fryer

It’s time to treat tokwa as more than just a meat alternative. Here are recipes to cook with tofu for any meal of the day: 

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Breakfast Tofu Recipes  

The biggest consideration when it’s time to cook breakfast is speed. Nobody wants to spend more time than they have to standing in front of a stove in the morning. If you have fried tofu on hand ready to add to dishes, you should try these easy and delicious tokwa ulam ideas. Use fried tokwa for a quick tofu steak recipe


Here are recipes to try for your first meal of the day:

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Lunch Tofu Recipes 

Lunchtime is usually when you have more time on your hands. This means you can spend more time preparing and cooking your dishes. Lunch is also a meal that is more casual than dinner so there’s no need to make it a sit-down dinner meal complete with dessert. 

You can make recipes such as squid and tofu salad if you’re looking for a light meal or a crunchy tofu steak with mushrooms for an extra crunchy meal that’s satisfying. You can even use the tofu as a topping such as in this chicken adobo congee that is topped with tofu

For these tofu recipes, there are more ingredients used so it’s super tasty and more filling especially if paired with a bowl of rice on the side. Here are more lunch ideas using tofu to try: 


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Merienda Tofu Recipes

Merienda can be simple. You have fried tofu on hand and it can be made into a quick snack. You can also use fresh tofu and slice them up thinly to make tofu chips, into sticks like fried mozzarella with a spicy sauce to dunk into, or you can then toss tofu cubes in a simple seasoning of salt and pepper for a great snack. No rice is needed unless you want some!  

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Dinner Tofu Recipes 

Tofu is just as filling as meat so if you’re using it as a meat alternative, there are some creative ways to do it. Use tofu instead of pork or even chicken for an adobo recipe. Make it spicy with lots of siling labuyo, extra garlicky like a salpicao, or use creamy gata to create a delicious sauce that you’ll want to spoon over your steamed rice. 


You can also make dinner the meal that’s a little bit fancier since you have had all day to prepare for it. Try stuffing the tofu squares with ground meat, or marinate the tofu in a soy dressing for an extra flavorful tofu meal. You can even “grill” tofu and serve it like satay with a delicious peanut sauce.

Make dinner delicious and hearty with any of these recipes mentioned or these: 

If these recipes are not the recipes you are looking for, here are more ideas using tofu to try:  


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