Make Delicious Side Dishes With These Tomato Recipes

Tomatoes make fantastic side dishes, too.

Tomatoes are one of the more popular vegetables in the palengke. It’s common to find it in every cart and basket because it’s not just an essential ingredient in our cooking, but it is also delicious! You may prepare it simply for breakfast, chopped up with some itlog na maalat and onions but if that’s the most imaginative you have gotten with your side dishes, we have news for you: you’re not alone. 

Here are exciting ways to prepare and cook tomato dishes so that your side dish isn’t a boring afterthought with every meal you make: 

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1 Ginisang Kamatis Recipe

There are few things simpler than this recipe. It’s an elevated version of cooking the three important ingredients that you’re making here. Instead of cooking the garlic, onions, and tomatoes as the base of a dish, the tomatoes are the star of this side dish. Ripe tomatoes are gently stewed in a salty brine made of patis and flavored with the garlic and onions, it’s a salsa that highlights an ingredient that is sometimes overlooked. Fried fish, lunchoeon meat, or even an egg would benefit from being served with this on the side.   

Photo by Patrick Martires

Pico De Gallo Recipe

This delicious side dish recipe is easy to make! There’s no cooking involved so it’s easy and delicious. Just chop up some tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime or calamansi juice then season to taste. It doesn’t need to get more complicated than that! This is fantastic served as is on the side of grilled meats or used as a topping for some steamed fish or fried pork chops.  

Photo by At Maculangan

3 Baked Tomatoes and Mozzarella Recipe

If you adore the gooeyness of mozzarella cheese, then you’ll love this version that unearths tangy chunks of herb-infused tomatoes with every scoop from the bowl. This simple recipe is made using fresh cherry tomato seasoned with fresh oregano, making it perfect for topping crusty bread slices. 


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Got corn or nacho chips? This would be delicious served with those crispy chips or as a side for some grilled or roasted meats.    

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

4 Three-Cheese Baked Tomatoes Recipe 

Cheese fans will be delighted with this recipe! Beefsteak tomatoes, otherwise known as those giant salad tomatoes found near the fresh lettuce section, are sliced and then topped with three kinds of cheese! We use cheddar, Parmesan, and fontina but you can also easily use quickmelting cheese, mozzarella, and even cream cheese to top these fresh fruits. Then it’s just a matter of sprinkling some salt and pepper on top, maybe a few slivers of your favorite herb, and let the cheeses melt in the oven.

These would be perfect between a juicy beef burger and its bun!   

Photo by Rico Jose

5 Shakshouka Recipe 

You may not know what this is but this side dish is life changing! This is a great dish to serve at breakfast which they do in Israel, but this would also be fabulous as a side dish. We can totally see these eggs in a spiced tomato sauce served on the side with a gorgeously cooked steak or even, a good old simply cooked pork chop that needs some oomph to make it more interesting as a meal. 


6 Basil Rice-Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe 

When it comes to sides, this dish may be the clear winner. Everyone loves rice and when you have a hearty meat course to eat with it, it’s obvious that you’re going to need something to help it be a delicious meal. This takes rice to another level. By stuffing these tomatoes with fragrant basil-infused rice, you not only get delicious rice, but you are also served your vegetable, too.    

Are there other tomato side dishes that you love making and serving with your main course? 



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