Top Chicken Recipes of 2020: Turbo Broiler Chicken, Creamy Chicken Mushroom, and Chicken Adobo Wings

These are our top chicken recipes.

Chicken recipes will always be a favorite dish. If it’s not the fried chicken that you love, it must be a chicken dish that is either in a sauce, a soup, a stew, or prepared in some special way to make it so irresistible. 

This year has been full of challenges and new experiences, especially in the kitchen. If you didn’t cook before this year, you probably learned the hard way that it’s an essential skill that you need and maybe even bought a new kitchen appliance to make cooking easier and faster. If you were already cooking, you probably learned new ways to use ingredients and discovered new favorite recipes. 

If there’s a new recipe that you loved to cook during this year, easy recipes might have made it to the top of your list. Here are our top chicken recipes this year that you all wanted to try and cook at home this 2020: 

Photo by Dan Eric Rivera

1 Turbo Broiler Chicken Recipe

Turbo broilers are the closest that one might get to an affordable air fryer. If you had one of these, you were basically “air frying” the chicken, too. That might explain why this old chicken recipe resurfaced as the most popular chicken recipe of this year. 


For those not familiar with the turbo broiler, this old school cooking appliance uses almost the same cooking principles as the air fryer. It too has a heating element and a fan that’s located above the food it’s cooking. The main difference is that the turbo broiler has a tempered glass container that has a large enough capacity to fit a whole chicken big enough to feed a family.

The air fryer is definitely the more modern appliance version of this cooking method with its space capsule look. It supports a built-in basket that’s smaller than the tempered glass container of the turbo broiler. 

If you have either kitchen appliance, cooking a whole chicken is less intimidating and easier to cook. 

Photo by Roselle Miranda

2 Creamy Chicken Mushroom with Kangkong Recipe 

This creamy chicken mushroom recipe makes an easy dish that’s made more irresistible with its garlic mushroom sauce. 


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With or without the kangkong, one thing is certain: you love creamy chicken recipes, and if it happens to have mushrooms in it, even better. One of the other top ten chicken recipes this year includes the Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Sauce Recipe, which was last year’s top chicken recipe.

Photo by Kenneth Guzman

3 Baked Adobo Chicken Wings Recipe

This year, you stepped up your efforts in the kitchen. You showed off your cooking skills at home and were generous enough to willingly share your recipe online for everyone to try. One such reader was Kenneth Guzman whose chicken recipe was our top chicken recipe from our readers. It’s a baked chicken recipe with a familiar twist: it’s simmered in adobo sauce. 

The Filipino adobo sauce is made primarily from vinegar and soy sauce. To make this sauce coat the chicken, Kenneth did the twice-cooked method: he cooked the chicken and sauce separately on the stove first, tossed the two together, then baked it until the chicken absorbed and was coated in the sauce. This was topped with freshly fried potato chips. How delicious a combo is that? 


What were your favorite chicken recipes that you loved cooking this year? 


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