These Are Our Top Chicken Recipes In 2021

Do you like it Pinoy-style or breaded with a spiced sauce?

When it comes to the top recipes every year, it should come as no surprise that at least one chicken recipe will be in the top ten. That’s because chicken is a universal favorite! Who doesn’t love a good recipe for crispy fried chicken, whether it’s Pinoy style, the sauced Korean version, or the classic breaded fried chicken from the southern U.S.A.?

However, this year, chicken proved to be not your favorite meat. Because of this, not many chicken recipes made it to the top rankings but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t any dishes that had chicken in the ingredients list.

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Turbo Broiler Chicken Recipe

This year’s top chicken recipe is another top chicken recipe from the previous year: the Turbo Broiler Chicken recipe. This classic chicken recipe has only recently become a favorite recipe, and we think it’s all because of the air fryer. The recipe, while not quite the same as the turbo broiler, is the closest recipe you can make to a version that will work in the popular pandemic kitchen appliance. Plus, the results of this “air fried” chicken is a Pinoy-style chicken just can’t fail to satisfy anyone’s chicken craving. 


Don’t forget to cook some fries with it! 

Photo by Roselle Miranda

Nilagang Pasko Recipe

We know that there are many chicken recipes out there but there are not many recipes that manages to marry three different kinds of meat in the same pot! The Nilagang Pasko recipe is a recipe that is usually made with leftover meat from the holidays. While chicken is the not the main ingredient in this recipe, it’s a main ingredient nonetheless that you should use to make this recipe work. Besides, since it’s not your preferred meat of choice this year, you might have leftover chicken so it’s just right that you make use of it using this recipe.

You don’t need chicken to make this recipe but it makes for a delicious twist for any of these nilaga recipes. 

Photo by Roselle Miranda

Chicken Katsu Curry Recipe

The top third chicken recipe this year is surprisingly not a Pinoy recipe; instead, it’s a Japanese-inspired one: the Chicken Katsu Curry recipe. This recipe is unique in that it’s a crispy breaded chicken cutlet that’s served with a sweet, spiced sauce. The chunks of potatoes and carrots make it hearty but we’re sure that even without it, the curry sauce and the crispy chicken is more than satisfying to make this a recipe you’ll want to make when you have a chicken curry craving.


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Not a fan of chicken? Try it using fish! 

What chicken recipe would you like to see make it to the top ten next year?

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