These Are Our Top Pork Recipes In 2021

We love pork!

Our love affair with pork this year has been a difficult one. With the rise in prices of pork this year, the favorite meat of the Filipino saw a downtrend when it came to be the choice of meat. It came to the point that it was almost the same price as the more pricey beef!

However, this love held steady this year with many of us still deciding to cook with pork but with a twist. We used less pork and instead became creative in how we amped up the pork with complementary flavors and ingredients so we could enjoy the dishes we made with the precious meat even more.

Photo by Roselle Miranda

Pork Binagoongan With Talong Recipe 

This pivot is seen in the recipes that made the top pork recipes this year. The Pork Binagoongan With Talong recipe was the top pork recipe this year. Where the flavor of the pork would normally be enjoyed on its own, we made the most of this meat by surrounding it with super tasty ingredients, such as bagoong alamang or shrimp paste. It’s a super salty ingredient that complements the pork as well as the eggplant or talong that gives this normally meat-centric dish a touch of veggie without overpowering it.


You can make it without the talong as per the original recipe or swap out the pork for the equally priced beef if that’s what you have. 

Photo by Mira Angeles

Pochero With Pork And Beans Recipe 

The second top pork recipe is the Pochero With Pork And Beans recipe. Not only is this stew made with pork as well as beef and chicken, but it’s also got a burst of pork in the form of bacon from the pork and beans that is added to the sauce. While pork is just one of three kinds of meat in this dish, you know that what made this dish the irresistible dish that it is the delicious saucy pork and beans that amped up the sauce’s flavor.

Plus, it’s got chorizo de Bilbao (another pork product) adding its flavor to the dish, too. 

Photo by Rofel Balbuena

Tofu And Pork In Oyster Sauce Recipe 

The third top pork recipe is actually a combo of pork and vegetable: Tofu And Pork In Oyster Sauce recipe. This dish is actually a tofu dish but the ground pork that’s topping the tofu slices is what makes this dish so appetizing! If you think about it, without the pork, this might just be a bland tofu dish that could have been better. That “better” is in the form of the flavorful ground pork mix.


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You can actually make this into a stir fry or stuff it into steamed tofu squares for an elegant presentation for the holidays. 

Whatever the price, these recipes prove that pork will continue to be a huge part of our local everyday meals.

*List is based on Google Analytics data (January to December 15, 2021)


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