Recipes You Loved in February: Homemade Pandesal, Adobo sa Atsuete + More

Pinoy favorites and mango desserts take the spotlight!

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1 Homemade Pandesal

Never thought you could make pandesal at home? Enjoy them warm with a little butter, jam, or dip it in coffee Filipino-style.



2 Mango Float Freezer Cake

No ovens required! An Earl grey tea-flavored crust takes this no-bake dessert to the next level.



3 Mango Sago

Sweet dessert dreams are made of these!



4 Adobo sa Atsuete

This chicken and pork adobo is loaded with garlic.


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This dish is almost always on everyone's "favorite" list. But how do you make perfect adobo all the time?

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It's as simple as dredge, dip and deep-fry!


5 Crispy Kangkong

Make the batter, dredge, dip, deep-fry and you have a delicious kangkong appetizer.


6 Fresh Lumpia

This fresh lumpia recipe has everything you want in it: fresh veggies, pork, sauce, and a delicious wrapper!


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Beat the indulgent holiday season with this vegetable recipe.

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7 Spaghetti Carbonara with Bacon

A carbonara version the kids are sure to love.



8 Crunchy Lechon Kawali

Learn how to make the basic Pinoy pork dish with this easy recipe.




9 Homemade Cheese Pimiento

This homemade cheesy spread is kid-approved!



10 No-bake Frozen Mango Tartlets

These no-bake mango tartlets take less than 30 minutes to make and are made with only healthy ingredients!


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