Ube Lychee Cream Pie Recipe

Here's another no-bake cream pie dish you'll surely love!

Bet you didn’t think ube and lychee go well together! Mix in the delicious goodness of Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream, Alaska Sweet Milk, and Alaska Condensada and you’ve got a delicious creamy dessert, perfect for all occasions.


1 cup canned lychees, pureed in a blender

1 1/3 cup crushed biscuits

1 1/3 cup butter, melted

2 tablespoons sugar

8 tablespoons gelatin

1 pack Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream, chilled

2/3 cups Alaska Sweet Milk, chilled, divided into two servings

6 tablespoons coconut cream

1/2 cup ube halaya

6 teaspoons to 1/4 cup Alaska Condensada


1 Combine the crushed biscuits, melted butter, and sugar then firmly pat on the bottom of a rectangular dish or 7-8 inch round springform pan. Set aside.

2 Sprinkle the gelatin over 2/3 cups of Alaska Sweet Milk in a small bowl and let stand for 5-10 minutes.

3 In a medium saucepan, combine Alaska Crema, Alaska Condensada, pureed lychees, coconut cream, and the remaining 1/3 cup of Alaska Sweet Milk.

4 Heat the mixture until almost boiling, then remove from the heat.

5 Stir in the gelatin and milk mixture until completely dissolved. Let it cool for at least 5 minutes then pour mixture over prepared crust.

6 Refrigerate until almost firm then top with ube halaya.

7 Top with Alaska Whipped Cream and serve until completely firm.

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