Try These Ulam Recipes Using Pork Belly Chunks For Your Next Meal Plan

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Thinking of what to cook for any meal can be a stressful task. Deciding on what to eat at every meal of every day can be exhausting. That's why meal plans are a great way to manage your meals and save your sanity! 

If you're thinking of what to do with the pork liempo cut that you bought at the supermarket, you don't have to worry. The pork belly is a delicious cut to use for any ulam recipe, and it's easy to use in place of other pork cuts. You can always make simple pork adobo with the pork but that delicious staple can last only for so long on your menu. 

There's no need to run out of ideas! If you need help thinking of what to place as your new pork ulam dish for the week, here are seven new and delicious recipes to try: 

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1 Braised Pork Belly Recipes

You can fry pork belly and have a ready meal on the table in minutes. However, if you plan ahead, you can instead have a super succulent pork belly dish that is good and tender, it will melt in your mouth. Isn't that a dish worth making? 

If you think so (and we know you will!), any of these three braised pork belly dishes will make the cut for your meal plan. Just remember that you'll need to allot time to gently simmer the pork belly so it can turn sticky and delicious. It's one meal you won't likely forget! 

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2 Adobo de Campesino Recipe 

This recipe may have a name that sounds intimidating but you won't believe how delicious it is to have both string beans and pork in your dry pork adobo dish. This adobo dish is a great combination of an adobo dish with vegetables that don't have to be on the side. It's simmered and cooked together so you get meaty pork chunks that flavor not just the sauce but also the green beans.

Adobong sitaw, even with chicken, has never tasted this good before! 

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3 Lechon Kawali Kare-Kare Recipe

This is a simple pork dish that you will wonder why you never made before. It can be as simple as leftover lechon kawali paired with the leftover kare-kare sauce. The thing is, you don't need to wait to have leftovers from any dish to make this meal combo a reality. Instead, make it intentional and make lechon kawali that's meant to be served with the peanut sauce. You'll love the combo even more when you know you don't have to wait. 

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4 Crispy Pork Sinigang Recipe

This recipe mashup of a lechon kawali and a sinigang na baboy is a genius move. You get the delicious flavors of golden brown and delicious fried pork with the sour soup and vegetables of the sinigang sa sampaloc dish. For anyone who loves pork sinigang, this is one version that can change their view of what a truly memorable sinigang na baboy dish should taste like. 

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5 Tokwa't Bagnet Recipe 

Tokwa't baboy is a classic combo that you usually see when lugaw, goto, or congee is served. We say there's no need to have any of those dishes to have tokwa't baboy. In fact, you can make tokwa't baboy even more delicious by transforming the baboy part of the dish into bagnet.

Bagnet is crispy pork that has been seasoned, cooked, and sundried on the rooftops of Ilocos Norte homes. If you can get your hands on real bagnet, this recipe was made easier. If not you can still make it home with a recipe hack. Then just pair it with crispy fried tofu for a meal that will make you wish you had lugaw! 

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6 Crispy Dinuguan Recipe

Everyone loves it when the pork bits are crispy but not everyone is a fan of dinuguan or the innards that are in the dish. So if you have a craving for dinuguan but are not a fan of pork innards, this recipe is one that can make you into a dinuguan lover. That's because the pork in this dinuguan recipe is made from pork liempo chunks.

Liempo chunks are fried just like lechon kawali. Instead of simmering it in the sauce until tender, making the once crispy pork skin soggy, the dinuguan part is made into a sauce that is poured on top of the crunchy pork right before serving. The result is crispy pork with a sauce that is totally Filipino and totally delicious to you. 

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7 Lechon Kawali Sisig Recipe 

Leftover lechon kawali may sound unheard of but it can happen. For those times when you have leftover lechon kawali on hand and are wondering what you can do with it to transform it into another meal, here's an idea: why not turn it into sisig? Anyone sisig fan will enjoy this new take on it. 

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