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This meat makes recipes easier and faster to cook.

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Here's one good reason to use ground pork or giniling na baboy instead of pork cubes or chunks in recipes: it makes your recipes easier and faster to cook.

Ask yourself this: Do you really need the pork to be in large chunks or can you make do with the meat pieces in much smaller chunks? Even if the chunks or pieces are ground up small, you would still be able to cook and serve the dish and with the same amount of flavor and heartiness. All that is changed is the look of the dish.

There's another good reason why ground meat should be prized over big pieces of meat. In busy households, using ground meat is more economical both in terms of your time as well as your budget. Just imagine all the time you will save not needing to tenderize the meat! Plus, ground meat is also sometimes more affordable as well as more versatile than pork cubes. 


All this happens with just one change from the kind of meat cut you choose when next you go shopping. Makes any recipe easier and faster to cook with pork giniling and these ulam recipes to try: 

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1 Pork Picadillo Recipe 

This easy ground pork recipe is seasoned like your typical giniling recipe but made saucier. You'll love serving this with lots of rice! Feel free to use chicken eggs instead of the tiny quail eggs in this dish. You can even skip the boiling and serve the ground pork with a fried egg, made to your desired doneness. 


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2 Spicy Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe 

Lumpiang Shanghai does not need to be complicated. It can be easy to do despite the time it takes to do it. However, if you're the type to zone out and enjoy preparing food as part of your quiet me-time, why not make and prepare some delicious lumpiang shanghai with a spicy kick? 


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3 Pork Giniling Menudo Recipe 

Menudo is already one of the faster-to-cook ulam recipes because it uses small cubes of pork instead of larger chunks. Want to speed up the cooking process even more? Swap the small pork chunks with the giniling version and you'll still have a delicious menudo on your plate. 


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4 Pork Giniling with Pineapples Recipe 

Pork doesn't change its flavor just because the shape of it has changed! Pork with the sweetness of pineapples is a great way to enjoy a pork dish without needing to make the more festive hamonado dish. 

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5 Steamed Talong with Ground Pork Recipe 

The ground pork doesn't have to be the star of the dish. It can play the supporting role so that the dish is more flavorful, more hearty, and more delicious overall, especially for those who might miss the meatiness. Try it in this simple yet tasty recipe made meatier with a little ground pork.  

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6 Ground Pork in Lettuce Cups Recipe 

Not everyone eats rice with every meal. For those who want to save the rice for another meal or want to try eating a meal with more greens, try this refreshing way of eating ulam without the rice.  These lettuce cups are delicious and hearty, all thanks to the ground pork mixture that is stuffed into each leaf.   

You might enjoy it even more with a little surprise ingredient, such as the pork and beans or the oriental ingredients that are mixed into the meat. 

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7 Green Beans Recipe With Ground Pork and Tofu

Those who prefer to eat a little ground pork with their veggies will appreciate this recipe. This is again a great example of how ground pork can make a dish more even if just a little is used in the dish. The green beans are crisp-tender and the fried tofu adds a great alternative meatiness to the ground pork mixture. 

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8 Taiwanese Minced Pork Recipe

Are you a fan of warm, earthy spices? If you are, then you'll enjoy this version of the Taiwan favorite. Known locally as lu rou fan, this ground pork rice bowl is made flavorful with the ground pork sautéed and simmered with star anise, soy sauce, and Chinese five-spice powder for the best flavor. 

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